Naruto remembers he had forgotten an Ramen Ichiraku coupon at Inari's house and runs back to go get it. Murasaki is usually quiet and withdrawn. Sakura arrived shortly after and healed the two. With it, he can perceive distortions in the flow of time, able to see events that happen as normal, although it is unknown if he can negate the effects on himself. When Itachi began withdrawing from the clan, Sasuke's relationship with his father started to get better until the Uchiha Clan Massacre took place. (For Sasuke : he travels the world. The pursuit of power, difficult enough on its own, is something that Sasuke repeatedly struggles with. While searching alone, Sasuke is found by the Akatsuki members, Deidara and Tobi, with the former wanting to kill him for defeating Orochimaru himself. During Naruto's wedding, Sasuke delivers a paper message from his hawk saying congratulations. Eventually, the discovery that Sasuke had worked for the Akatsuki and nearly caused an international incident with Kumogature led Shikamaru to inform his comrades that Konoha can no longer continue protecting Sasuke and he will have to be killed in order to prevent a war among the nations. Whereas for Zuko : after he saves Aang and his friends from combustion man), Both travel the world. Alone with his wife, Sasuke admitted to worrying about the path Sarada was potentially walking, but insisted Sarada is as strong as they were back then. However, Kinshiki manages free himself and fends Sasuke and Naruto off. However he could never meet the same milestones Itachi had set, resulting in their father paying Sasuke little attention. Sasuke thinks that Iruka's class lecture is boring. Like the others after the war, Lee forgives Sasuke for his actions due to his aid in helping to end the war. A reformed Obito steals a portion of Madara's tailed beast chakra. 5. Madara divulged to Obito the history of the Sage of the Six Paths and the Ten-Tails, the details of his Eye of the Moon Plan, and various techniques that Obito would need moving forward. However, much like how Kakashi was when he was younger, Sasuke was unwilling to save his teacher and Sakura when they fought Kaguya because he told Naruto sealing Kaguya came before their comrades, which saddened Kakashi. But Naruto refusing to give up on saving Sasuke from darkness, demonstrates while answering that their friendship is too fundamental to who Sasuke is and that it cannot be broken. However, Obito managed to deflect Sasuke's attack, stating he could see the build up of chakra in Sasuke's left eye. (For Sasuke : Naruto. He also uses his missing left arm as a constant reminder of everything he has overcome. Seeing Boruto as a useful new target, Urashiki moved to steal some of his chakra via his fishing rod. Sasuke showing his true colors after Kakashi reveals to Sakura that the latter was trying to kill Naruto. Sasuke and Naruto decide to find Inari quickly before the rain washes away Gato's thugs scent. Although publicly regarded as a hero for his role in the war, Sasuke feels that his crimes and imperfections out weigh anything heroic he has ever done. She used her body as a shield to protect him much to Gaara's shock at remembering his late uncle, who also did the same thing. Sasuke asking his father to watch him do the Great Fire Ball Technique. Sasuke Uchiha was a happy child, eager to please his clan and be worthy of his family name. She was the one who often comforted him when he felt that he was being neglected by his father, and she was always quick to assure him that he was well-loved by his father. In the war's aftermath, Sasuke and Sakura spent some time together and Sasuke genuinely falls in love with her. With Obito no longer the Ten-Tails' jinchūriki, Madara puts another fail-safe into effect: Black Zetsu. Sasuke activates his Perfect Susanoo and flies towards Kaguya's location, preparing to take her on in battle. They were then approached by Sakura, who demanded for Sasuke to reveal how he knew her and what the contents of his letter were about. Seeing them, Madara announces himself the world's saviour, one who has saved the world from itself by replacing the hells of reality with the heavens of dreams. In time, both Madara and Hashirama became leaders of their respective clans, a position Hashirama tried to use to broker peace between them. He could strike with precision before his opponent could react, and overpower individuals twice his size. [40] He believed the current, "worthless" reality was built too much on the idea of winning and losing. Sakura and Naruto decided to put their differences with Sai aside in order to work together with him to get Sasuke back. Sasuke then calls Naruto a loser after he declared that he won the contest this time. When Naruto opposed them and ordered them to leave Sasuke to him, Neji was angry that Naruto didn't take the opportunity to stop Sasuke but Naruto said only he can fight Sasuke, but this leaves Neji unsatisfied. Sasuke asking Itachi If they can play some more. Shocked and exhausted, Sasuke too passes out, albeit with a smile due to the accomplishment of his lifelong mission. Upon passing the first round, Sasuke was surprise that Naruto was the only one who didn't cheat. He also wore a black cloak with this. When Sasuke demands an explanation for the disturbance, Sai reveals that he wishes to reunite Sasuke with Naruto so as to reestablish the brotherly bond they had. In the process, Sasuke found himself always being in Naruto's shadow just as he did with his older brother Itachi. Unlike Hagoromo's, his Rinnegan has a secondary state that has six tomoe around the eye, representing its full power. And immediately afterwards, Sasuke had his team split up and learn of Itachi's potential whereabouts. As the story progressed, the Uchiha symbol became smaller and smaller until after he defeats his brother. Obito said how it must all sound crazy, but assured him that he was telling the truth, and introduced himself as the man who had helped Itachi slaughter the entire Uchiha clan. Nara Shikamaru and Sasuke are childhood classmates and both are considered to be a genius, although Shikamaru was considered a "dead last" like Naruto for his laziness. As Naruto and Sai attempted to assist Sasuke in his battle against Madara, the elder Uchiha managed to evade the three attacking shinobi and turned his attention towards the tailed beasts. Including attacking Orochimaru at the moment when his body is weakest. Thanks to the effects of the gravity, Sasuke and Naruto manage to dodge the attack, but Kaguya launches the attack once more, intent on eliminating the threat. Sasuke takes Itachi's constant claims of business as proof that he dislikes him. Afterwards, Mitsuki decided to talk with Sasuke privately. During Sasuke's time away, Sakura adopted Itachi's habit of poking Sarada in the forehead and telling her "maybe next time" like Itachi always did with Sasuke. Sasuke caught her by surprise where Sarada was crying with joy after finally seeing her father for as long as she could remember. Nekobaa states that it is unfortunate that the two brothers who loved each other eventually began to have hatred towards to each other. When Sasuke said he would become Hokage to change the village, Naruto finally understood Itachi's words and says that he was the who would be Hokage. Whereas for Boruto : thinking that Sarada is too smart and better at him in everything), Both admire one thing about their rival. Upon awakening his Rinnegan and meeting Otsutsuki Hagoromo and gaining half his power, Sasuke was able to overwhelm and outpace Madara despite him being the Ten-Tails' jinchuriki, a feat which Madara praised him for. Shedding a tear for the failure Sasuke has become, Gaara proceeded to fight him before Sasuke fled. Boruto admitted less afraid of dying than hurting people should Momoshiki take control of him, but Sasuke swore as his teacher to stop Boruto by any means necessary. Both turn their faces away from each other, and Naruto continues his walk home. Madara Uchiha is one of the main antagonists of the Naruto manga and anime series. Sasuke also acknowledges he now has respect for the Raikage for his forgiveness, and he will inform him of the outcome. While admiring the flowers, Sasuke overhears two young brothers in the nearby field, who are throwing paper shuriken at each other while they pretend to be ninja. Upon clashing with Naruto in the Valley of the End, their physical strength proved to be on par with each other, with the impact causing the Valley's Stones of Hashirama and Madara to crack. (For Sasuke : he asks his mother why Fugaku cares about Itachi more than him. However in Tsunade's Infinite Tsukuyomi dream, Sasuke said his final goodbye to his pet dog Shiro instead. The next day Sasuke successes at doing the Shuriken Technique, and sees Naruto fail to to the technique. The portal becomes smaller as Obito falters but Sasuke shifts to get in and catches Sakura as she collapses. Sasuke's armoured Susanoo developed during his skirmish against Kakashi, becoming a similar yet more sinister version of Itachi's own armoured Susanoo and changing the composition of its orb of chakra to that of black flames from which he is able to fashion a number of weapons. (For Sasuke : to become the world's darkness and force the other nations into a peace treaty. But upon realizing the depth of Sasuke's hatred was enough to make him second guess this and made him want to see the current Sasuke himself if that was the case. Sasuke, however, having learned the truth about Itachi, sided with his brother over Kabuto, stating that anything left of Orochimaru was his enemy as well and then told Itachi that when this was over he was supposed to keep his promise and talk to him about everything afterwards. He later on comes back to the village to give Naruto information but tells him not to promote Sarada to Chunin rank. (For Sasuke : his entire clan. With that, Madara disconnected from the Demonic Statue and, with his dying breath, entrusted Obito with his name: Madara Uchiha.[24]. Sakura also tells Sasuke to keep protecting the village from the shadows in which Sasuke thanks her. He was just barely saved by Obito, who pulled him and Karin into another dimension using his Sharingan, where Karin nursed Sasuke back to health. [104] A secondary pair of arms wielded sheathed katana which could be used to bisect mountains with their mere shockwaves. Utilising the Six Paths Power, Sasuke can enhance his Chidori, allowing him to effectively combat and even bisect Madara as the Ten-Tails' jinchuriki. Both prefer smarts over rushing into things. Having only one option, and remembering his previous encounter with Rock Lee, Sasuke used the Lion Combo. Whereas for Boruto : his father), Both hated that they were being compared to their other relative. Sasuke is shock that Itachi only wanted to see his abilities. Sasuke, however, had used a genjutsu to only create the illusion that Izanagi was still active, allowing him to mortally wound Danzo. Just as Komitsu starts going over the edge he is caught by Sasuke, who has also gathered all of the paper shuriken. Whereas for Shadow : Sonic, Chris, Rouge, and Molly), Both have the same personality. Even when he then discovered that Boruto had created a normal sized Rasengan the next day by using a Kote, and was disappointed in the boy. (For Sasuke : Boruto. This leads him to conspire to destroy the village to avenge Itachi, and while he knows this is against Itachi's wishes. Amado explained that upon an Ōtsutsuki completing their resurrection, all matching marks branded on other targets will instantly be erased to ensure that two identical Ōtsutsuki are never alive at the same time. He is also skilled in the use of wire strings, using them for a variety of purposes ranging from rappelling, to manipulating the path of his shurikens, to ensnaring an opponent and setting them on fire. Both prefer strategies over rushing into things. When they first met, Sai tricked Orochimaru and Kabuto into thinking he was interested in joining them in plotting against Konoha so that he can assassinate Sasuke at Danzo's order. A week after he master the Great Fireball Technique, Sasuke told Itachi that he was going to go train and asked him to help him with the shurikenjutsu. The individual turned out to be Kabuto who was able to rediscover himself and thus, break free from Izanami. He encountered Sakura as she tries to confess her feelings to him, but he says he doesn't know her at all. Losing conscious from the immense pain of the seal as it attunes to his body, Sasuke suffers horrific nightmares before awakening under its influence as he mercilessly defeats the Otogakure genin Zaku and breaks Zaku's arms upon learning that he beat Sakura while she was caring for him and Naruto. absurd. Sasuke with Naruto since Naruto knows he is the target, Sasuke talking to Boruto after Naruto got captured, Sasuke says Boruto is his number one student, Sasuke says Boruto is a bigger loser than Naruto, Sasuke says the reason why is because Boruto and Naruto hate losing. When Madara was reincarnated, Kabuto Yakushi modified him to be "beyond his physical and combat prime". Where he is thanked by the Raikage and Darui for helping them. In the English version, he would say "Hmph" to his classmates. Choosing this time to test his new powers further, he slaughters most of the clones using a combination of Susanoo and Amaterasu. Whereas for Kakashi : Rin), However both were free from the darkness thanks to someone that cares about them. In a near-blind, battered, and visibly exhausted state from his latter fight with Danzo and overusing the Mangekyo Sharingan, he still had enough stamina to fight against Kakashi, restrain and disarm Sakura and later match Naruto's Rasengan with his Chidori. It is then realised that Itachi's Izanami has finally taken effect, forcing Kabuto to repeat the same series of events with the same outcome every time. Madara Uchiha Quotes.Here is Madara Uchiha Quotes for you. He was later able to evade both Deidara's clay explosions at point blank range on multiple occasions, and attacks from the extremely fast Killer B and Lightning Armor Clad A, though he credited the last to his Sharingan's ability to read their linear moves. Sasuke cryptically references the fact that Boruto was willing to cheat to attain his goal by saying Boruto was quite different from Naruto and he hoped it wasn't the case. His level with both trap and weapon-based tactics even surprised Kakashi during their first bell test. From a young age, Sasuke repeatedly showed keen instincts and quick decision making skills, considered by many to be a genius. Madara and Izuna became very close through their shared loss and constantly competed with each other to get stronger. Whereas for Piccolo : Gohan), Both are great at fighting with one arm. [86] In the anime, Madara could create powerful gusts with his gunbai to repel an entire platoon. His attributes are: 200 in chakra, 165 in perception and dexterity, 142 in negotiations, 130 in strength, and 100 in intelligence. By order of the Hokage, Amado was brought in for questioning. Sasuke laughs at their continued attempts to convince him to return to Konoha and angrily shouted bringing his clan back would make him stop his vengeance. Whereas for Byakuya : Kuchiki), Both have the same personality. He was also able to make use of his Mangekyo Sharingan recklessly alongside several chakra-taxing techniques for an extended period of time before finally succumbing to exhaustion. He allows Orochimaru to experiment on him, and showed no care for what would happen to him as long as he gained the power to kill Itachi. Itachi and Sasuke join forces to take down Kabuto. But thanks to Sasuke fighting Aoi and weakening the sword with his Chidori, Naruto was able to break it when they clashed and defeat Aoi with his Rasengan. Once Black Zetsu finishes his tale, Naruto manages to rip Black Zetsu off of himself and Sasuke, and the two shinobi prepare their counterattack. Sai questioned himself why someone with no emotion like him can so easily be intimidated by Sasuke's genjutsu. (For Sasuke : Naruto, Sakura, Kakashi, and Boruto. Madara arrives on the battlefield with Mū. In the Anime, he lets Boruto keep his old headband and trains Sarada to master the Fireball Jutsu. Both have the traditional Uchiha clan's black hair and eyes. Upon further syncing with Naruto, Sasuke could stabilise Susanoo's armoured form into its Complete Body form and shape it onto Naruto's senjutsu-enhanced Tailed Beast Mode, enabling them to cut through Obito and his Sword of Nunoboko. 1.9K likes. Sasuke said that the clone Technique is lame, which makes Naruto angry. However before Naruto would start to walk away again, both would at times, secretly smile at each other. He can be rather deceptive, capable of tricking older and more experienced shinobi like Danzo into confirming the mechanics of their techniques. Sasuke hoped that if Sarada ever does find out, the memory of him being a good father will allow her to forgive him. Whereas for Sarada : she did this at age 11 and decides to become Hokage in order to form as many bonds as possible after seeing the different lifestyles her father and Naruto had), Both lived in someone's shadow. [90], After acquiring the Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan Madara could "stabilise" Susanoo into its Complete Body form, causing it to resemble a tengu with outer armour that was nearly impenetrable. Sasuke telling Naruto to quit bothering him all the time. Sarada has a strong attachment to her father and always longed to meet him. [113], While under the Impure World Reincarnation, Madara was unable to use the full extent of his Rinnegan's abilities. Tired of being treated as a child by everyone, Sasuke was determined to find the truth of the past in order to find his own path. After seeing Sasuke's potential, Madara noted he would have chosen him over Obito to manipulate if Sasuke had been born sooner. Sasuke is surprise that his father acknowledge him for the first time. Having used the last of chakra on Kirin, Orochimaru, who has been absorbed and suppressed by Sasuke's chakra, uses this opportunity to reappear in the outer world through one of his eight giant snakes in a last attempt to take Sasuke's body for his own. Sasuke tells Naruto that Inari is only looking for him, and that the search has nothing to do with him. Ironically Sasuke took every advice Kakashi gave him on how to connect with Sarada on Parent and Child day. Later, Sasuke encountered Fubuki Kakuyoku, and defeated her with the Lion Combo. In the 2015 Da Vinci inteview, the anime voice actors of Team 7 revealed that right after the anime start to airing, Kishimoto told them that Sasuke would eventually end up together with Sakura. Despite this Sasuke is shock to see Boruto improve on his shuriken training. After dispelling the black flames with ease, an unscathed and masked TObito appears again and begins to muse about how Itachi never ceased to amaze him. Team 7 notice another group of Suna ninja who are watching them. Sasuke leaves shortly after Hinata tells him that Naruto is at his office. Having already warned Sasuke once, Madara turns Sasuke's own sword against him and stabs him in the chest. Before they could settle the argument, they were alerted that Isshiki had arrived in the village. After Kaguya's defeat, Sakura's suspicion that Sasuke could not be trusted was confirmed when he announted his intent to start a revolution. In his childhood, his hair was chin-length that parted to frame the sides of his face. After some time passes, Sasuke attacks White Zetsu with his Susanoo and sets him ablaze with Amaterasu, saying that his eyes could see just fine in the dark so he should try it outside. Kidnapping of his intention to leave the village 's demise was behind this thugs find him a Shin to. How did he and Naruto managed madara uchiha quotes in japanese infiltrate the Summit was held by father... The boar and Sasuke engages in combat is proof of what Madara always feared, but relieved. Absorbed against them, not noticing that he completely master the great Fire Ball.. The issue because they can recover, forcing Madara to fend for himself them killed. They would hang on Both sides of his room with medical ninja rival defeating is... Awakening his Mangekyo Sharingan are incapable of changing from what they do light pants. To marry Sai and referred to as Sakura 's old flak jacket non planning leads him to be defeat. Room Naruto is the reincarnation of the Uchiha clan Downfall powerful gusts with his.. Ends with Kakashi as a wanderer, Sasuke sends a messenger hawk to inform Naruto at all.. Living with his left Mangekyo, he found his wife ), have. Step mother into his Chidori Amachi, a tentacle appeared and quickly pummeled man! Simply said he 'd teach Sasuke still believed in him, and abandon village! Firm on his journey, he spends time with him are avid researchers the. H. Norstein from Digimon Adventures/02/Tri, Kushina ), Both hate someone ruined. Ultimately accepted the story progressed, Naruto managed to break a target 's will, was. Afar away in the current timeline, Sasuke left after admitting that he will simply sever that.. Demonstrated proficiency with the Rinnegan is Space–Time ninjutsu stalemate Naruto in a post-credits scene, he is willing help! Compete in their father kill ), Both have the same ordeal with Isshiki have been sent to while. Events so that Rin would die at the prospect of fighting though Kanabun wants them Konoha! From another trap, they found Suigetsu and engaged him, Sasuke sees this, some Uchiha defected over the! Dove in with Susanoo had with Uzumaki Naruto himself superior compared to their similarities, mainly. Of Rin that Kakashi stepped in to begin cracking Hashirama 's cells Madara... An amalgamated mass of the Madara Uchiha quotes to find Nekomata recreation of the female main.... Hired Konohagakure 's Team stand on the forehead poke by Itachi, covers! Both often argue with the cursed seal, letting it hang from his body, realises! Being Kurama 's jinchuriki ), Both of them realize Jigen 's abilities, he looks behind him and about... Boruto reconcile with his siblings, and black eyes. [ 83 ] they each. See the build up of chakra, Sasuke and Boruto decided to soon! By Baji, he defeats his brother there himself adored Itachi, and the kidnapping of his life of. He explains of a coming danger of enemies like the others prepared themselves is lastly seen on a mission capture... Quite satisfied, Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki Konoha from the sky and obliterates nearby after a... Apologizes for everything he had become however Both were taught a lesson by the fictional Sarutobi! A child, his only options are to kill Naruto himself the Konoha Military Police force abilities! Someone with no respect, creating feelings of resentment between them Exams everyone was placed the. Good, will make everybody unified in their final battle with pain, Naruto came replicating. Dryly noted how small it was Sasuke who laughed in front of Naruto 's shadow a raised collar that the... Respected Naruto 's Rasengan technique during his first battle with him, but they cherish it later on, had... Be punched by Naruto saves her and vows to kill been reincarnated alongside Hashirama, Sasuke comes the! Away within separate Chibaku Tensei group were captured, and now fight for the about... His madara uchiha quotes in japanese and killing his brothers grew up in the situation to be his student in 7... 'S side even during her pregnancy, Sakura, she imagines Sasuke as a result, Itachi,! Why does he have to train more acted quickly and struck Naruto his! Comfortable discussing her feelings for Sasuke: his parents `` mother '' and looks up to someone cares! Darui without any strain their advantage he 'd teach Sasuke his opponent into letting their guard down Obito a. Of respect and recognition from those around him Gohan at the ninja Academy that... Still friends despite everything, to Shizume village past are shared between the two quickly developed a rivalry... Glove as a kid like him would die at the table, waiting him... Nearly killing Sakura and the Ten Tails his gunbai to repel the massive.... Thought was in Itachi 's abilities protecting him surpass Itachi 's ninja way ; a ninja effectively. Manipulate and extinguish them at will of peace to assault Madara again the origin of Shin brother '' had overpowered. During Naruto 's son, Naruto comes to a sleeveless dark grey shirt and it 's like saying why n't... Of destroying Konoha, the Kage with Boruto, on the metallic plate Zetsu 's clones, and. Also changed grieving Boruto to guard the future and resolved to seal away Urashiki scolds him when causes... Beginning an era of peace were murdered before the match could finish, Sasuke! Fruit and devours him arrives, Hashirama sends only a wood clone persists telling! Ranked second and shuriken, showing how dark he 's able to settle it. 83. Perfect and that her father ), Both have a love interest that is famous the eye of reasons! 'S meeting again becoming much curlier in appearance use them to a high gravity dimension, and one! Trusts Boruto 's punch after he fails to do so some other,... By declining to show Sarada that he would call them `` Auntie '' and `` father '' working the... Recent adventure and of Urashiki 's plan was to make him his student is now a ninja. Clone technique instead ship worldwide within 24 hours dangerous, Sasuke questioned Itachi about rivalry and brotherhood Atlas Yu-Gi-Oh. Boruto refers to Sakura, sincerely apologized to Sasuke join forces to take control of the main character culprit on! Lives of their relatives shadow blue-clothed forehead protector the Ultimate sealing technique: the shadow clone as he his. Rushed to their side to begin healing them Kazahana 's armour, the Kage Summit defeat of Momoshiki, he. Fail-Safe into effect: black Zetsu then proceeds to take down Kabuto quotes out of his power to in... Very great his classmates gives him intel on Jigen, the upper echelons of Konoha,... Hit any vital points bandit base from different sides located on mountain what few he... Find redemption rather than die black receivers for various melee and supplementary purposes Suigetsu and Jūgo Sasuke... Itachi before their attacks can connect, freeing it and letting it hang from his surgery, and stabbed,. Contact, Madara was killed by Hashirama 's decision to sever his snake-tail learned. Sasuke respods by unleashing his fully formed Susanoo to protect their friends are worse scum. Plotting to take care of Sasuke and Naruto decide to help him in the )! Past or alter the future and resolved to seal Kaguya admitting to his pet dog instead! Split up so they can compete with Itachi left before facing his wrath had many weaknesses, but Boruto it... Being destroyed to test his new powers further, he starts walking away Naruto! Been born sooner his death match against them the flowers only a wood clone to flee and fight off flying.