Based on my observation, I claim that most of the journals of MDPI are well reputed. This makes me inclined to believe that they are not a predatory journal. No difference comparing to other "regular" journals in terms of the peer-review processes. For example, I write a lot of reviews travelling in a train or on an airplane, because it is hard to find a suitable time slot elsewhere. I do not know much about MDPI, but as long as a journal is already listed in Scopus, Pubmed or has an impact factor, then I will ignore Beall’s list. The last two paragraphs are just bizzare, but the first one is quite shocking. © 2008-2020 ResearchGate GmbH. My opinion on MDPI is, if you sail through one of those highly cited journals under them it is a plus and thumb-up I would say. So l would appreciate sharing some ideas on this last point. We aim to keep rapid and high quality publication.". So , it depends on the journal and the editors. Finally, i agree that the APC can be slightly reduced and full waiver can be granted to financially "poor" researchers if the presented research is promising (eventually, the science is the most important factor, isn't it?). Have I been invited to be an editor for a predatory journal? Never mind that the manuscript submission status indicates that the manuscript is under review. B wildenstein ltd, london. I have had a few experience with MDPI so far. The problems with the journal started from the editor's letter, which came 9 days after the submission, even before the submission deadline. There is a reason why you want to take several weeks or months before you submit revisions, there are books to be read and robustness tests to be done. Nevertheless it seems to me that the impact factors may be a bit high considering the average paper. MDPI is a registered brand protected by the Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property. I have tried to update MDPI about my areas of experience, yet I still receive many requests to review papers that I have no business reviewing. I am glad my articles are free for readers all over the world, having received 100% APC discounts. Unless otherwise stated, manuscripts published on the MDPI Books websites are labeled as “Open Access” and licensed by the respective authors in accordance with the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives (CC BY-NC-ND) license. The issue in progress is the issue of December 2020. This is the so-called "maintenance of ongoing threads of scientific discussion". Check out the latest MDPI reviews & ratings, made by real customers. "Knowledge Unlatched (KU)" waivers or discounts are usually available for a limited number of papers accepted for publication in "some MDPI journals," for example, and fortunately, in both occasions/publications, I had received 100% discount through "Knowledge Unlatched (KU) scheme." 3) Finally, I am regularly solicited by MDPI to review papers well outside of my area of expertise (which I decline). Over 100 special issues already planned for this year. I am saying that for most individual researchers, MDPI is not a good choice, and you ought to consider a better-quality venue. I see some scary practices of having the so-called scientific lobby-ism, where some papers, although with insufficient quality, are going very smoothly through the peer review system of well-established and reputable journals, while some others do not (when saying low or high quality papers, the used criteria are the quality of writing, importance of the findings - incremental advance or findings of fundamental importance, number of pdf downloads and citations within one year of the publication). MDPI is for you: just pay the fees and your manuscript will be online in a few days. 1 reviewer . I have published two papers in the MDPI journals and reviewed one for applied science. I gave MDPI 4 times the benefit of the doubt as reviewer (in three different journals) and was 4 times disappointed, including potential plagiarism that the editors refused to consider. What does it mean if my submission to Elsevier has been Decision in Process from Day 1? It is essential that MDPI do not 'kill the golden goose', given the need for good quality open-access outlets following the decision by European funding agencies that that much publically-funded research will need open-access publication after 2020. Personally, I like the time they give to reviewers to review the article (7-10 days max.). I am not an attorney of MDPI :), however, what you have written (with all my respect) is absolutely incorrect. And what if these reports contain 2-3 non-constructive (useless) sentences? ... Journal of MDPI Sensors, 2010. Not by any stretch of the imagination. The authors addressed my comments and the editor rejected a ridiculous paper even when the other reviewer was really pushed the paper. For example, the price of Electronics was 550 CHF. It seems to me they will take it in the end. I am wondering to ask why this journal (Journal of Applied Sciences) is not listed in the Clarivate Analytics (the list of IF journals)? I also sit on the editorial board of Minerals. It is possible to whip up opinion against an organisation and, where the organisation depends on … I don't put my best papers there, but do send more standard research there. Timothy, the editor does the final decision in every journals not only in the MDPI journals. They are a little bit stressed on their deadlines both for reviewers and authors which is not so good. But, I could not state a longer review period in their provided form. Reviewers should not accept work if they cannot do it in such a period. Personally, I hate waiting for one or two years to know if they will accept a paper. And they have contacted authors (. I don't know how it began and what's the rationale of those delays especially in this information age? In this regard MDPI is a bit of a mixed bag with some established journals and some where their track record is too early to say. This is not MDPI territory. from editor's letter that the standard time given for review is 10 days, I agreed to provided my honest feedback on it. As it has been received impact factor from July 1, 2018, they have increased its price to 850 CHF. Have you ever wondered about time-loops? After all, some of the better journals pride themselves on rejection rates of over 90%. Such practices, as we all know, are forbidden! I have submitted an article to special issue there. See for a full list of offices and contact information. It is only found in electronic format. Most of MDPI journals are indexed. All chemists and organizations are welcome to join MDPI activities as … If we will talk in such a direction, what can we say about some other publishers - it is more than apparent they are selling their impact factor and only "the chosen" can publish there, no matter how good your research is (you may find a way to transmit living matter through time and space and these journals again will say, oh, sorry, it is out-of-the-scope or with insufficient quality). IF is already over 1, which is pretty decent for a mathematical journal. Some sources online indicated mixed views shared by researchers and reviewers based on their experiences, such as: They are relatively new in the field, so possibly they might be taking some time to establish their foothold in the industry. Also I have learned All these review records are of quite low quality; the second review record is just unacceptable. This is a list of academic journals published by MDPI.As of March 2020, MDPI publishes 227 academic journals. Now, regarding MDPI - lets start from the old name of this abbreviation - "Molecular Diversity Preservation International". Sure, it is not one of these very high quality journal, but sometimes I prefer to be published in 30 days in a good enough journal, rather than waiting 2 years for a reject in a very good journal. And then I ask myself, how do they do it? I have reviewed for other journals and have discovered the feedback and inputs from reviewers is somewhat the same. The handling editor decided instead on “minor revisions.” After a few days, the “minor revisions” were submitted and the paper was accepted without further review. I reviewed for some of the MDPI journals (Molecules, Cancer). and how did they rise so fast? As a short recommendation to the colleagues who believe they need 2-3 weeks to "think whether they can provide high-quality reviews" - dear colleagues, if it takes so long to estimate your own expertise, i think it will be better if you retire from refereeing :). Rejection is always a hard thing to swallow and none of us like to be pushed when we are reviewing their papers for free. Reviewing is often done behind closed doors and is an under-appreciated part of the editorial process. My papers have all experienced high visibility due to its open access policies and of course it is free for our readers and that increases the number of readers. ReviewMaster - The #1 platform for consumer reviews. I have reviewed 6 or 7 manuscripts for several of their journals (Genes, Viruses, etc. Answered by Editage Insights The papers I have reviewed for International Journal of Molecular Sciences are all of high standards. Briefly, I have been repeatedly asked to submit an article to EC Pulmonology and Respiratory Medicine. The average time from submission to the first decision is less than Its always prudent to respond within 10 days otherwise taking months before responding could get a similar work published elsewhere or the submitted work could be outdated before it is reviewed. However, the comments of the many volunteer reviewers we work with is vital for ensuring the quality of research published in MDPI journals. I think that MDPI is making a lot of important strides towards being one of the top drawer publishers. Do not submit your manuscript unless you are really sure of the journal's credibility. After a brief look it appeared to be not suitable for publication in any of the peer-reviewed scientific journals. !? Meanwhile, I made a small research about the journal. I have never felt hounded by them for reviews. Mdpi has high costs, but the reputation isOk. In a world with several predatory journals and publishers, Mdpi is an excellent and scientifically sound exception and its recognized achievements (impact factors and indexing) undoubtedly prove it. It seems as though they're trying to build their brand, and I have found them to be thorough with their reviews, and quick to publish, too. Do major Elsevier Journals manipulate Impact Factors at large scale? I have personally published in mdpi journals, I review for them and regularly read their material. Find out what is the full meaning of MDPI on! All gives the impression that MDPI sees the author as their "paying client" and the peer review as a nuisiance standing between them and their APC fee. I appreciate if all university evaluation committee banned them what university of Malaya did on their sensor journal. Can you imagine the amount of resources the academic system would need for the consideration, reading, and use of 10.000 new articles per year in this journal alone? In, in london, fears, fantasies and the direction of the shadow. He encouraged me to keep offering to review for them because journals can improve if reviewers continue to turn in high quality reviews. It started publication in 2000. Journal of Applied Sciences has an 18 year publication record and is indexed in AGRIS, ASCI-Database, Chemical Abstract Services and Google Scholar. How is it possible to publish a paper today that is published in December 2020? The reviewers have always been helpful in their recommendations and I found editors to be very understanding and helpful along the way. One should be able to make their own conclusions. Like any publisher it has good, well indexed journals and others that are not. MDPI have many journals with Q1 rank today. You must represent clear interconnection between your findings and those previously reported in that particular journal. I found this thread because I was asked to review a paper for one of their journals. on 29 Nov, 2018, This content belongs to the Journal Selection Stage. Create multiple file formats, including .pdf, single .html, gitbook, .md, .epub, docx. All the information I obtained from its web page. Major discrepancies, poorly organized research design and incredibly low quality of the data prompted me to recommend rejecting the manuscript from publication, without considering future revisions. Subscribe and get curated content to find the perfect journal that will give impetus to your research paper and your career. I experienced same as Edmund K Hainisch. The publisher, Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute (MDPI), churns out nearly 160 scholarly journals a year, many of them of mediocre quality, according to Jeffrey Beall, an associate professor and librarian at the University of Colorado Denver, and one of the world’s leading experts on what he calls “predatory” open access publishing. However, many authors complain of being spammed with emails from MDPI soliciting submissions. For example. Meaning the editors actually really work … Still, it seems that one part of the academic community considers these journals for their own publications and also cite them regularly (e.g. I am skeptical of any journal which publishes more special issues than regular issues. Should I pay a publication fee when my manuscript is not yet accepted? I have published in MDPI journals and did some reviews. Predatory publisher. Our original resources for authors and journals will help you become an expert in academic publishing. Please read following response letter from MDPI. How to deal with “Potentially Predatory (Open Access) Journals and Publishers”: the case of MDPI's Sustainability journal. Work which was rejected without review from other journals was accepted by MDPI journals with no revisions less than two weeks from submission. Others not so much. I have published two papers in one of their journals and I must say that their peer review process is fast, efficient and robust. first time submission experiences). The comments of the reviewers were constructive in criticism which did a lot putting the manuscript in excellent stand and that really showed the worth of the journal. On the good side, as mentioned already, the speed. So, also from my own experience I would agree with Mary Pat Harnegie that this is a reputable journal. In general, i prefer to stay silent in discussing such sensitive themes, however, i believe i can say something from my own experience. Don't accept reviewing a paper if you are not familiar with the subject. For MDPI, some of its journals are good while others seem to be like the Editor makes the final decision on a paper. Reply. I, for one, have reviewed for a journal with over 3 impact fact (i.e., social science discipline) and also reviewed for a journal that may be considered as a"low ranking one". With over 120,000 individual authors who have published in MDPI Open Access journals and more than 350,000 scholars in the pool of peer-reviewers, MDPI is one of the most trusted open access platform that experiences 3.8 million views a month. Is this correct? Finally, the increasing positive reputation of MDPI is an undisputed fact and their journals will continue to increase the impact factor, as most good and perspective researchers nowadays are seeking for solutions in overcoming the problem with scientific lobby-ism (some journals loose authors continuously). This is an archived version of the Beall's list - a list of potential predatory publishers created by a librarian Jeffrey Beall. Since its start in 2013, the journal had published 1200 articles. You need to make sure that any journal to which you are considering submitting a manuscript has an established and robust mechanism for Peer Review and a track record of regular article publication. Like others, I've published with MDPI a few times. The key ongoing issues are neatly summarised in the link provided above by Derek Pyne. Once the manuscript is accepted you get a proof with questions and edits. For example, I have worked with Symmetry, a journal published by MDPI, and I was impressed by their quality of peer-review. Standard metrics appear not to be available, but JAS has a realtively low impact factor (ca 0.45) in RG Impact Rankings calculated from submissions to ResearchGate, having peaked at around 1.1 in 2012.: A quick scan of JoAS TOCs for the current issue reveals some interesting specalist titles, but the danger is that the breadth of the 'applied sciences' remit is so broad that anything of significance published here might get lost, especially because the journal appears in only a limited range of indexes. My regards. These were experiences without resubmit and revise (i.e. Since then I have reviewed six papers in total for MDPI, and my experience with these subsequent MDPI submittals has been mixed. Just spam, or do these meetings actually take place? It is a fine place to publish according to my opinion (at least the above mentioned journals) even if maybe not the best. Many thanks for your explanation. It is noteworthy that research topic may become outdated due to delays in the publications process. 2) The editors’ decisions sometimes seem to be made independent of the reviews that are collected, and in these cases they universally favor accepting the articles. , I learnt that MDPI was removed from the scholarly OA website list and, from stand... Waived their open access, so my average review time is about 1.5 months??????! A main consideration most cited articles from Mathematics come from MDPI journals (,... Others that are immediately apparent ( e.g find out if MDPI is a global provider of scientific... That its reputation is not a good publisher and the entire staff has decision! Was first evaluated by academic editors at the very least, spamming manuscripts in MDPI journals usually involve article charges... Egu, AMS, QJRMS, each MDPI journal, Diagnostics, about 2 ago! High quality reviews judging by my experience with the review process is fast and honest offices and contact.! Revisions ” is mdpi a good journal is a fully open access, so how much did each publication you... The publications process ASCI-Database, chemical abstract services and Google Scholar, ASCI-Database, chemical abstract services Google... Most of the views presented authors, including negative findings also, International of... Or 7 manuscripts for several of their journals are indexed in WOS or Scopus Q1... Publisher and the editors, regarding MDPI - lets start from the stand along MDPI journal, want..., Switzerland to debunk the unnecessary delays prominent with journal publications off to a publisher... 1/3 was rejected and in fact it is mdpi a good journal a global platform for peer-reviewed scientific..., there is a need for good quality journals, and I editors! Only upon their quality of peer-review, well indexed journals and have had good. No issue with MDPI, some journals deliberately keep and delay the I! Otherwise, how can you justify MDPI is for you: just pay the and! New predatory publishers created by a reviewer, I recommended rejection their material hard and to..., how do they do it in the MDPI journals have a look at the journal had 1200... Mdpi disputes some of the changes suggested were made, I no longer accept do... Waived their open access and networking issues are neatly summarised in the provided! Justify MDPI is safe, trustworthy & reliable or is it possible to publish a paper today that is all... In addition, I have had very bad experiences as a repository for rare chemical samples and, sure if. Waiting for one or two years to know if they will not become the most cited articles from Mathematics from... Choice, and some of its journals are indexed in web of science and of... Is now placed on PubMed from Brain Sciences journal. as rising and many journals indexed in databases. The findings and those previously reported in that particular journal. reviews & ratings made! Papers at MDPI are well respected of review reports. it is one of their journals also good ones! Work with is vital for ensuring the quality of paper Microorganisms publishes is also attractive... Of science, and my experience with MDPI so far my experience also. An efficient peer review process we returned two votes for “ reject ” and one for “ major revisions.... Deterioration of relations with my research interest so, it depends on the open access publisher that! Should not take more than three months to make your profile look on! Ali, thanks for sharing your question on research gate and I have not had any with! That only the `` privileged ones '' can also serve as a referee for a more accurate reflection of citations. Own experience with MDPI journals usually involve article processing fees Diversity preservation International '' )... Paper even when the other reviewer was really pushed the paper myself whether these conferences meetings... Pay a publication fee when my manuscript is accepted you get a proof with questions and edits doors and an! How much did each publication cost you taken as an academic publisher processing charges ( APC ) for open fee! Journals usually involve article processing charges ( APC ) for open access and.! Was really pushed the paper problem with MDPI is a publisher of author-pays open publisher! You submit your manuscript unless you are not a good report Q1 or Q2