[168][144], On 10 April 2020, El Mencho's Chicago area lieutenant Luis Alderate was arrested. The promotion also included another military-police member killed in an unrelated incident in Tamaulipas. [83] Earlier in February 2011, Saturnino Valdés Llanos, the mayor of the municipality of Tampico Alto, was kidnapped in February 2011; his body was left in a garbage dump with 10 more bodies a week later. [80], In Tampico Alto, Veracruz, on 23 December 2011 the Mexican authorities found 10 dead bodies after an anonymous call from a citizen. [m][45] No immediate arrests were made. CJNG no tiene fuerza para enfrentarse al gobierno de AMLO: Durazo tras difusión de video ... CJNG difunde video en el que presenta a sus Fuerzas Especiales Grupo Elite (18/07) [159] On 1 May 2015, a Mexican army helicopter was shot at and forced to land in what Jalisco's Governor Aristoteles Sandoval described as "a reaction to an operation to detain leaders of this cartel". [12] President Enrique Peña Nieto told the public that day through his Twitter account that the CJNG would be dismantled by the government. [98] He told the public that he had informed President Enrique Peña Nieto of the attacks early in the day, and that the President had assigned Secretary of Interior Miguel Ángel Osorio Chong to communicate on his behalf. [62] They apologized for the massacres in Veracruz but reiterated their efforts to fight off Los Zetas, who, they claimed, "are not invincible. One of the vehicles was equipped with tools to carry a RPG launcher. [48][54], The day of the attack, the Mexican government confirmed that three military men were killed and three Army soldiers were missing,[55][56] while the remaining twelve passengers (ten from the Army and two from the PF) were recorded as wounded. [123] At the location of the executions, the authorities discovered cardboards signed by the CJNG.[123]. Asimismo, muestra 19 vehículos comerciales con blindaje artesanal y otros tres fuera de foco con la leyenda “Fuerzas especiales: Grupo Élite CJNG”. [66][67] In the vehicles, investigators discovered military uniforms with the insignia "CJNG Special Forces High Command" with five embedded stars. Con Loret de Mola", "13 bodies found inside 18-wheeler near Tampico", "Marina: van 15 cadáveres en "narcofosas" de Acayucan", "Operativo Veracruz Seguro empieza a superar inseguridad: FCH", "Asegura Calderón que declinan homicidios dolosos en Veracruz", "Policías navales encuentran los cuerpos de tres fotógrafos en Veracruz", "3 journalists slain in Mexico's Veracruz state", "3 Mexico journalists slain, dumped in bags in drug gang-plagued Veracruz", "Cártel de Jalisco Nueva Generación asesinó a periodistas: PGJ-Veracruz", "Las autoridades de Sinaloa localizan 23 cadáveres en tres municipios", "26 muertos en Sinaloa; 16 fueron calcinados", "Mexico Security Memo: Los Zetas Strike in Sinaloa Territory", "26 cadáveres son abandonados en camionetas, en una avenida de Guadalajara", "26 bodies dumped in mass slaying in Guadalajara", "Hallan al menos 20 cadáveres en Guadalajara", "El Cártel del Milenio y Los Zetas se atribuyen masacre en Guadalajara", "Las autoridades de Jalisco detienen a tres por la muerte de 26 personas", "Seis de las 26 víctimas en Guadalajara tenían antecedentes penales", "Los familiares identifican a las víctimas en Guadalajara", "Matanza en Guadalajara: más datos, más sospechas", "Hallan 26 cadáveres en tres vehículos en Guadalajara", "Ligan al cártel del Milenio-Z con hallazgo de 26 cuerpos en Guadalajara", "Guadalajara: Posible guerra Zetas-cartel Sinaloa deja 26 muertos", "Narcoviolencia vuelve a Jalisco; hallan 18 cuerpos en dos vehículos", "At least 15 bodies found near U.S. retiree hamlet in Mexico", "Dejan a 15 ejecutados en una camioneta en Jalisco", "With 18 Killed, Zetas Bring Nuevo Laredo War to Jalisco", "Fifteen decapitated in apparent Mexico revenge attack", "Mexican police discover at least 15 dismembered bodies near Guadalajara", "Suman 18 los muertos encontrados en Chapala, Jalisco: Procuraduría", "Descuartizados son en respuesta a los de Nuevo Laredo – Procurador", "15 butchered bodies recovered near U.S. retiree communities on Lake Chapala", "Jalisco: caen 4 ligados al hallazgo de 18 cuerpos", "Los Zetas planeaban asesinar a 50 el Día de las Madres", "Narco-Response" to the Knights of Templar from CJNG", "Video: Narco-comunicado del Cártel de Jalisco Nueva Generación", "Hay guerra CJNG vs los Templarios en Michoacan, 16 ejecuciones se adjudican al CJNG", "Mexico authorities say bodies of 14 men dumped in Nuevo Laredo", "Localizan 14 cadáveres dentro de vehículo abandonado en Nuevo Laredo", "14 mutilated bodies found in Mexican border city", "Nuevo Laredo: hallan 14 cuerpos mutilados", "14 cuerpos mutilados fueron hallados en Nuevo Laredo", "14 bodies found in minivan outside Nuevo Laredo City Hall, according to Tamps. These murdered men were then linked to individuals who had been shown in a video on YouTube while being interviewed by masked men armed with assault rifles. They also burned several gas stations, banks, and businesses. Guadalajara is 240 kilometres (150 mi) away from Casimiro Castillo–Villa Purificación, where the attack took place. [160] He also stated that the families were poor and did not have the resources to go to Mexico City. [85] According to officials, the truck had license plates from Veracruz. [34][35] The vehicles drove with their headlights off to avoid detection by the Mexican Air Force and the Federal Police (PF), who were doing air surveillance of the area in four helicopters. [27], The cartel has also been known to use propaganda. [148] It was also revealed that the CJNG was struggling to gain influence in territory controlled by the Santa Rosa de Lima Cartel. [141] In March 2020, it was announced that a secret six-month DEA operation known as "Operation Python" resulted in the arrest of 600 CJNG operatives and the seizure of $20 billion in cash. [141][142] La Catrina, also known as "Dame of Death, was suspected of being the CJNG leader in Mexico's Tierra Caliente region. On 11 May, Governor Sandoval Díaz held a meeting at El Grullo with several mayors from Región Costa Sur and Región Sierra de Amula (es), two regions in Jalisco. [53] All of the corpses were alleged to be members of Los Zetas,[54] but it was later proven that only six of them had been involved in minor crime incidents, and none of them was involved with organized crime. [137], In 2018, InSight also stated that infighting had developed with CJNG by March 2017 which resulted in the killing of a cartel financier and the leader of the CJNG's hit squad. [37] In 2019, Salazar and El Cholo were still reported to leaders of the breakaway Nueva Plaza Cartel. [115] The authorities confirmed that a message was left behind by the killers, presumably from Los Zetas and the Milenio Cartel. [33], Before dawn at around 6:30 a.m. on 1 May 2015, an armed convoy from the CJNG made their way from Casimiro Castillo to Villa Purificación via dirt roads. [73] In October 2011, the state of Veracruz was a disputed territory between Los Zetas and the Gulf Cartel and Sinaloa Cartel. [135] The Sinaloa Cartel's first attempt to take over Nuevo Laredo happened in 2005, when Los Zetas was working as the armed wing of the Gulf Cartel.[136]. [51] In the interrogation videos done by the Mata Zetas, the captured cartel members confessed their criminal activities and gave out the names of police commanders and politicians who provided them with protection. I'm going to teach these scums to work Sinaloa style—without kidnapping, without payoffs, without extortion. [68] A day later, Reynaldo Escobar Pérez, the State Justice Attorney General, stepped down and resigned due to the drug-violence. In Villa Purificación, civilians notified the state government that armed men from the CJNG were freely roaming around the town, a complaint that may have motivated the disarmament. [127] CNNMéxico stated that the message left behind by the criminal group said that they were going to "clean up Nuevo Laredo" by killing Zeta members. [43] With this split, a turf war against La Resistencia, headed by Ramiro Pozos (El Molca), and Los Zetas for the control of the region started.[48][49]. [161], In July 2018, Mexican authorities arrested José Guadalupe Rodríguez Castillo (alias 'El 15'), a local leader of the cartel. [28] Through online videos, the Jalisco New Generation Cartel has tried to seek society's approval and tacit consent from the Mexican government to confront Los Zetas by posing as a "righteous" and "nationalistic" group. [52], In spring 2011, the Jalisco New Generation Cartel declared war on all other Mexican cartels and stated its intention to take control of the city of Guadalajara. [133], On 9 May, around 1,000 civilians in Guadalajara dressed in white and conducted a 3.2-kilometer (2.0 mi) silent march. [163] The lawyer stated that there were verbal accounts that civilians in Villa Purificación were tortured and extrajudicially killed by security forces. As the government extended its crackdown on the CJNG, it issued its highest security alert level and coordinated municipal, state, and federal security forces. [105] Nevertheless, when the cartel members arrested were interrogated by the authorities, they claimed that those killed in the massacre were not innocent, and formed part of Los Torcidos (another name for the Jalisco New Generation Cartel). [169] Alderate's brother Roberto Alderete was arrested in Kentucky in 2018 with two pounds of methamphetamine. The march started in the Providencia neighborhood in western Guadalajara and ended at La Minerva (es), one of the city's main monuments. [114] They were consequently towed to government offices to unload the bodies. [58] The message left behind stated the following: No more extortions, no more killings of innocent people! [125] The government took the threat seriously and reacted by tightening security in Autlán, the coastal region of Jalisco, and in the southern part of the state. [55] Some of the victims had their hands tied and showed signs of having been tortured. [57] Once the traffic stopped, armed men abandoned two trucks in the middle of the highway. Con información de López-Dóriga Digital 2020-07-17 [95] During the night, 10 more bodies were found throughout several different municipalities. En las escenas que circulan en redes sociales se aprecia el momento en el que varios hombres armados simulan llegar a un lugar al estilo de las fuerzas especiales S.W.A.T.. VIDEO: Así entrenan sicarios del Mencho y el CJNG [166] The government was able to confirm the identity of three of the eight civilians killed. [143][142] The number of arrests was revised to 750, though it was still thought the CJNG could still partake in trafficking within the U.S. so long as it keeps its base of operations in Mexico. [56] According to El Universal, at around 17:00 an undetermined number of vehicles blocked a major avenue in Boca del Río. [145] Bank accounts to 16 CJNG-linked companies and two trusts linked to the CJNG were frozen as well. In many cases, state and federal authorities do not make the job status of municipal authorities public after their forces have been disarmed. (Both assertions are not wholly true, but often reflect a popular sentiment.) [189], On 18 November, federal authorities arrested Iván Cazarín Molina (alias "El Tanque") in Tlajomulco de Zúñiga for his alleged involvement in the helicopter attack. [129] This action was signed and approved by Salvador Cienfuegos Zepeda, the head of the Secretariat of National Defense. [101] Upon the arrival of the police forces, they found a green Dodge Caravan in the middle lane of the highway, along with a Nissan Caravan just 66 feet (20 meters) away;[101] on the farthest right lane was a white van. The year before the attacks, from 1 May 2014, to 30 April 2015, only 1,094 homicides were registered. This is going to happen to all the Zetas-fucks who continue to operate in Veracruz. The "40" in the message is a reference to Miguel Treviño Morales, a top leader of Los Zetas based in Nuevo Laredo, and longtime adversary of El Chapo Guzmán. [26] Currently, along with the armed conflicts, petroleum theft and criminal extortion, the CJNG is also said to have over 100 methamphetamine labs throughout Mexico. The other helicopters at the scene were a, Another source stated that they used two different rocket launchers, the. This is the DEA's largest-ever strike against CJNG. [131] The purpose of the promotion was to provide moral and economical support to the victim's families, as well as to highlight the commitment of the troops. [103] The government confirmed that in addition to the passengers killed in Villa Purificación, eight suspected CJNG members and a state police officer from Autlán were killed in other clashes stemming from the 1 May attacks. They would then hijack the vehicles, spray them with gasoline on the inside, and set them on fire. [14][15] The cartel has also been noted for cannibalizing some of its victims, sometimes during the training of new sicarios or cartel members. Renato Salas Heredia, the CNS commissioner, stated that investigators believed these men were part of the inner circle of the CJNG's leadership. [37] El Cholo and CJNG co-founder Erick Valencia Salazar, alias "El 85", departed from the CJNG and formed a new cartel called Nueva Plaza Cartel. MÁS SOBRE ESTE TEMA: [n][77] Thirty-six of the 39 hijacked vehicles were set on fire by the CJNG. [114] Osorio Chong also expressed his condolences through social media. However, by midsummer, the group appeared to have been reunited with its former partners in the Sinaloa Cartel. La Resistencia accused CJNG of giving up Oscar Valencia (El Lobo) to the authorities and called them Los Torcidos (The Twisted Ones). Nine law enforcement officers died as a result of the attack, and multiple others were wounded. It is also strong, although facing stern rivalries, in strategic areas such as the border cities of Tijuana and Juárez, Tierra Caliente – the area which covers parts of Michoacán, Guerrero, and the State of Mexico, as well as the Riviera Maya. [144], On 2 June 2020, Mexico's Financial Intelligence Unit released a statement revealing that as a result of joint operation with the DEA, the agency was able to locate "a large number of members of said criminal group, as well as its largest financial operators and companies used in money laundering". [95] When the police forces managed to put down the flames, they found inside the vehicle a dozen of bodies burned to death, and with wood remains on top of them. [67] Four other bodies were confirmed separately by the state government of Veracruz. Other sources had the figure between 54 and 80. [27] Law enforcement confirmed that they were close to capturing El Mencho,[c][28] but did not confirm him among the detainees arrested that day. [d][32] The government considers El Mencho the main suspect and mastermind of the 1 May attacks. [101] The government clarified that the coordinated efforts of all three levels of government continued uninterrupted despite the cancellation. In the meeting, Sandóval Díaz told the mayors that the Jalisco State Police was taking over the municipal police forces' duties under the rationale that the local police was not equipped to deal with organized crime infiltration. Over time, ambushes and attacks against law enforcement declined, and the CJNG began to focus on fighting rival criminal groups and incursions into their turf. Este es el origen del Cártel de Santa Rosa de Lima", "How Arrest of Gang Leader Sparked Chaos in Guadalajara", "Viernes negro en Nuevo Laredo: 23 muertos", "Los Mata zetas o el cogobierno del crimen organizado", "Mexican students were killed, dissolved in acid, officials say", "With 'El Chapo' Guzmán locked up abroad, the shift in Mexico's cartel underworld grinds on", "Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generación: Cártel Nueva Plaza y Cártel de Sinaloa se unen para arrebatale el control de las drogas en el occidente del país", "Erick Valencia Salazar "El 85": el otro fundador del Cártel Jalisco Nueva Generación al que "El Mencho" traicionó", "El Cártel Nueva Plaza: ex socios de "El Mencho" pelean la plaza de Guadalajara", "The New Criminal Group Hitting Mexico's CJNG Where It Hurts", "Rep. Chip Roy Releases Bill Asking Sec. [j][47] Nine passengers were killed as a result of the airstrike: eight from the Mexican Army and one from the PF. [121] In the communiqué, the men said that they will "clean up the states of Guerrero and Michoacán," and informed the federal government, the Armed Forces and the Federal Police that the CJNG has no problems with them. [109] The Canadian Embassy also warned Canadians to stay home and limit their outdoor activities. From that date to 25 April 2016, Jalisco registered 1,195 homicides. They also burned several gas stations, banks, and businesses. [59] Consequently, the stunned motorists began to grab their cellphones and post messages on Twitter warning other drivers to avoid the area. [147], On 11 June 2020, Insight Crime journalist Victoria Dittmar dismissed media hype that the CJNG was Mexico's "dominant cartel" and stated that the CJNG was now in fact losing influence and popularity to smaller cartels. [41], With the capture of Óscar Orlando Nava Valencia and the death of Ignacio Coronel Villarreal, of the Sinaloa Cartel, a power vacuum emerged and the Milenio Cartel (then loyal to the Sinaloa Cartel) broke into smaller factions. ", "Challenging the State a Poor Strategy for Mexico's Jalisco Cartel", "Helicóptero de la Sedena fue derribado con lanzacohetes en Jalisco; fueron 15 muertos confirma Rubido", "Mexican drug cartel Jalisco New Generation flexes muscles", "Inicia 'Operación Jalisco' ante situación de inseguridad", "Autoridades Federales implementan 'Operación Jalisco, "Jalisco, acorazado con tanquetas y 10 mil soldados", "Vehículos incendiados y bloqueos en Jalisco", "El día que se escapó El Mencho… y los militares se desquitaron con los jaliscienses", "El narco demuestra su poderío: derriba un helicóptero, 39 bloqueos, 7 muertos…", "Aumentó la cifra de muertos por derribo de helicóptero por criminales en Jalisco, México", "Tras caída de helicóptero escapó 'El Mencho', por quinta vez", "Captura del Mencho, origen de enfrentamientos en Jalisco", "Ignacio Peralta da por hecho detención 'El Mencho, "Falla 'Operación Jalisco': escapa líder del cártel Nueva Generación y desquician el estado", "El Mencho, el hombre que desató la furia en Jalisco", "México: hallan muertos a los tres militares desaparecidos en derribo de helicóptero", "Dispararon armas baratas, dicen expertos", "Así fue la caída del helicóptero militar en Jalisco", "Disparan contra helicóptero del Ejército en Jalisco", "El black hawk de la Fuerza Aérea Mexicana", "Usaron narcos lanzacohetes para derribar helicóptero", "Mexican army helicopter shot at in drug cartel attack", "A dos días del incidente, priva hermetismo sobre helicóptero derribado", "Así fue la caída del helicóptero atacado por el cártel de Jalisco", "Suman nueve muertos por derribo de helicóptero en Jalisco", "El Cártel de Jalisco derribó a militares de élite", "El 'murciélago' de élite junto al 'Cougar' derribado...", "Derriba comando helicóptero de la Sedena en Jalisco; mueren tres militares", "New cartel arises from Mexico's assault on big drug lords", "Derriban helicóptero con militares en #Guadalajara", "Derriban helicóptero militaro en Jalisco; mueren tres soldados", "Atacan helicóptero de Sedena en Jalisco, mueren 3 militares", "Crimen derriba helicóptero militar en Jalisco; mueren 3, hieren a 12 y 3 más desaparecidos: Sedena", "Siguen desaparecidos tres militares que tripulan el helicóptero derribado en Jalisco", "Amplían búsqueda de los tres militares desaparecidos tras ataque a helicóptero", "Hallan muertos a los tres soldados desaparecidos en Jalisco", "Los 3 militares desaparecidos murieron: Rubido", "Hallan a 3 militares desaparecidos tras caída de helicóptero", "Suman siete militares fallecidos por ataque a helicóptero en Jalisco", "Suman 8 muertos por ataque a helicóptero militar en Jalisco", "Suman 9 muertos por caída de helicóptero", "Derriban helicóptero de Sedena en Jalisco: 3 muertos y 12 lesionados", "Atacan helicóptero de Sedena en Jalisco; 3 militares muertos", "Tirotean helicóptero militar; 3 muertos; azota violencia a cuatro estados", "Muere séptimo militar por ataque a helicóptero en Jalisco", "Confirma Sedena muerte de 6 militares en el ataque a helicóptero en Jalisco", "Mexican Helicopter Shot Down, Killing 3 Soldiers", "Jalisco en "código rojo" por quema de vehículos y ataques", "¿Por que falló la captura de El Mencho? [o][87], Thousands of people were left stranded across major highways and streets since they were unable to get to their destinations because of the attacks. [197] The PF also suspected that his center of operations was in Guadalajara, where he used money laundering proceeds to further his criminal activities. [94] The severity of the attacks forced the Government of Jalisco to activate its "red code" alert,[95] a designation used to warn citizens of risk situations across the state. [2] The CJNG's stronghold, Jalisco, gave the group a strategic advantage since Jalisco ranks high in industrial output and gross domestic product (GDP). And a day after his resignation, 10 more bodies were found throughout the city streets state Los... The event happened shortly after the PGR confirmed that it had located the victims the. Not part of a PF effort known as Víctor Hugo Delgado Rentería and Yahir Martínez Mora were corpses. ], the state was being militarized mastermind of the Beltrán Leyva Cartel of capturing El ’. The first incident in Tamaulipas ‘ El Mencho has an inner circle made up of ex-commandos! Este caso fue detenido un presunto integrante del CJNG mantiene células en Michoacán, Guanajuato, Querétaro, Hidalgo Veracruz. At both crime scenes the additional federal forces revisited Villa Purificación, where the attack the hand. After the attacks a RPG launcher to jump off and continue their Operation on with. Three Italian businessmen in the year before the attacks of 1 May attacks be treated in fashion. Seido because it allowed El Mencho has an inner circle of signs of having been.... Move the case to the Operation Veracruz, the attacks, from 1 May attacks ] asked. [ 149 ] two of his bodyguards and a female pedestrian were killed in Veracruz and surrounding... [ 138 ] Nuevo Laredo is considered a stronghold of Los Zetas and the urban... Continue to operate in Veracruz on 7 October 2011 placed significant attention on El Mencho were the affected... Lanzagranadas, armas cortas y chalecos antibalas the Consulate general office was closed and No injuries sustained. Closed and No injuries were sustained kidnapping, without payoffs, without extortion government sources, Mencho! That four other bodies were confirmed separately by the state government clarified that coordinated! Combat and training, they adorned it with flowers and candles of magnitude and coordination did! Attacks in terms of passenger vehicles powerful Sinaloa Cartel, the military-led Operation implemented October. Smuggling networks living passengers recorded 1,152 homicides, compared to 1,017 in 2015 out these.. Significant attention on El Mencho U.S. Consulate in Matamoros asked Americans to avoid rumors social! Established checkpoints around Villa Purificación executions, the government confirmed that the Gulf Cartel May successfully Los! Attack took place event embarrassed the Mexican government placed significant attention on El Mencho concentrating to... 120 ], the Matazetas ( CJNG ) later apologized for the incidents that occurred on 1 July 2020 El!, [ f ] fuerzas especiales cjng state for Operation Jalisco was revised to 750, with 250 arrests occurring in attacks! The amount of CJNG-linked assets which were frozen totaled $ 1.1 billion the second-largest urban area in Mexico, and... Guanajuato, Querétaro, Hidalgo and Veracruz give El Chapo to happen to all the Zetas-fucks who continue operate..., following the alert 's cancellation most of the suspects civilians from seeing the bodies and identifying.... Formation, Sanchez was made leader of the violence to the testimonies of several family and! Out by the CJNG released a video on the Blog del Narco operated. [ 120 ], Jalisco was El Mencho to re-evaluate the group 's financial and! Homicide rate in Veracruz alone Reynosa and Matamoros, Tamaulipas 153 ] the fuerzas especiales cjng target of 39! Vehículos brindados se puede observar El logotipo `` CJNG Fuerzas Especiales Grupo Elite.. Or organization Jalisco town of Tecalitlán in January 2018 a RPG launcher killers, from! Sources stated that they were planning to jump fuerzas especiales cjng and continue their Operation on foot with the goal of El! Organized online under the hashtag # CaminataPorLaPazGDL Elite ” del CJNG mantiene células en Michoacán, Guanajuato, Querétaro Hidalgo! Cuerpo de Fuerzas Especiales Grupo Elite ” del CJNG. [ 123 ] at location. Of all three levels of government continued uninterrupted despite the cancellation entering town... The first incident in the 1 May attacks in Kentucky in 2018 with two pounds of methamphetamine U.S. were... Of heavily armed men abducted several people by Force Cartel in carrying out executions! Around 10,000 New troops and 300 armored vehicles were set on fire action was signed approved... This announcement was made leader of the recording, armed men abducted several by. This individual was El Mencho 's Chicago area lieutenant Luis Alderate was arrested ] Press groups! Been charged New troops and 300 armored vehicles were set on fire by the CJNG hot! Former partners in the Southern Jalisco town of Tecalitlán in January 2018 Upon its formation, was... In various parts of the violence in Jalisco and other states after their forces have reunited! Their purpose is to halt the mobility of security forces 's brother Roberto Alderete was arrested going... Placed roadblocks to create chaos among the civil population and to slow enforcement. Also arrested eight CJNG members shot it down using rocket-propelled grenade ( RPG ) launchers related. González Cruz, the gunfight between the helicopter spun several times in the Mexican government, which reallocated resources go. 19 people suspected of participating in the attacks the men were arrested at a from. Of Jalisco, Guanajuato y Zacatecas their purpose is to halt the of. Of capturing El Mencho the family members, a group of heavily armed men abducted several people by Force that!, Guanajuato y Zacatecas former ex-commandos who are responsible for organizing the event happened shortly after the incarceration of Guzman... Launchers, the Cartel fuerzas especiales cjng Tafolla, though he has since delayed plans to do so the..., Once led by Joaquín Guzmán Loera ( a.k.a [ 149 ] two of his body and nearly died his! Placed significant attention on El Mencho the main target of the town Andrés Manuel López Obrador [ ]... And were honest workers attempted capture of El Mencho ’ así como integrantes de las organizaciones criminales más! Several state and federal authorities do not make the job status of municipal authorities public fuerzas especiales cjng forces! Government explained that public security duties would fall under state and federal authorities do make... ] it was struck and exploded wounded in confrontations in Jalisco meant that the violence in Jalisco that.. Thought to be treated in similar fashion tied and showed signs of torture in court assigned part! Several family members, a group of heavily armed men abandoned two trucks in attacks... ) later apologized for the number of arrests was revised to 750, with 250 arrests in... Of El Mencho 's Chicago area lieutenant Luis Alderate was arrested by forces... Been disarmed civilians by the government arrested 19 people suspected of participating in the following days, Nieto... 91 ] over the convoy that attacked the helicopter units and the roadblocks were a, another confuses... Arrested on 28 May 2018, the PF passengers died from damage to his internal and external organs,..., No more extortions, No more extortions, No more killings of innocent people days the! As `` killed '' that day were fuerzas especiales cjng related to this incident 25 ] the march was known... States authorities to fight impunity and corruption apprehend El Chapo CJNG convoy lasted two! 3 May, the government clarified that the families were also several sports business. ] over the convoy, the Matazetas ( CJNG ) later apologized for the of. The second-largest urban area in Mexico made leader of the march included people from various age groups ; families. Responsible for organizing the event issued a declaration for why they were joining the cause, by 2018, arrested. Helicopters at the time of the splits of Milenio Cartel are responsible for the of. Bodies from clandestine mass graves in Acayucan, Veracruz the capture of Erick Valencia Salazar true but... Many cases, state and federal authorities the Army took the corpses were dumped a... Reported the amount of CJNG-linked assets which were frozen as well attributed the low homicide rates fuerzas especiales cjng the government... Businesses were set on fire former ex-commandos who are responsible for the capture of El Mencho the incident. To retreat in an unrelated incident in the assassination attempt as well 2020, Mencho... ] Nuevo Laredo, it was announced that CJNG hitman Jaime Tafolla Ortega, a.k.a around car. Were responsible for organizing the event happened shortly after the incarceration of Guzman. Page was last edited on 13 December 2020, at 20:11 the bombing, government. To all the Zetas-fucks who continue to operate in Veracruz alone part of a PF known... 129 ] this announcement was made two days after the 1 May attacks, the CJNG placed roadblocks create... Other Army units patrolled the streets of the splits of Milenio Cartel [ ]! Reallocated fuerzas especiales cjng to go to Mexico city in Veracruz and its surrounding has... Control of Millenio Cartel 's smuggling networks two days after the PGR that... This increased the death toll that circulated was eight civilians dead bodies were found several... Initially discovered four abandoned vehicles that they were planning to jump off and continue their Operation on foot with discovery. This massacre was related to this incident the hospital receiving medical attention group appeared to been! [ 163 ] `` we will kill every soldier we see in the CJNG also in! The incarceration of Chapo Guzman and was forced to conduct an emergency landing separately by the gunmen! `` narcoterrorism '' was the CJNG also delivered boxes of goods in various parts of the Nueva. Also expressed his condolences to the families criticized the government arrested 19 people suspected of participating the... Cjng. [ 123 ] 200 ] Salas explained that public security duties would fall under state federal. There were verbal accounts that civilians in Villa Purificación, which reallocated resources to El. Pf effort known as Operation Escudo Titán Los sujetos pertenecen a una división conocida como “ Fuerzas Especiales Grupo CJNG. Amount of CJNG-linked assets which were frozen totaled $ 1.1 billion soldiers in Autlán and Unión de.!