vegetation を含む例文 4件 1-10件 tropical vegetation 熱帯植物. , The desert is devoid of vegetation because the harsh landscape rarely receives rainfall. All these ranges are shorn through transversely by numerous glens and gorges, and, the rainfall being heavy and the exposure favourable, they are densely clothed with vegetation. The tree vegetation consists rather of jungle or copse than forest, abounding in game which is preserved by the native chiefs. The coastal zone and lower slopes of all the mountains, including the lower Orinoco region and the Maracaibo basin, are clothed with a typical tropical vegetation. the ordinary vegetation of the Mediterranean littoral. Vegetation is exceedingly luxuriant and varied. The passage from winter to spring is very abrupt, and the prairies are rapidly clothed with vegetation, which, however, is soon scorched up by the sun. By clicking “Accept”, you consent to the use of ALL the cookies. In the low country the flora differs little from that of tropical Africa generally, whilst on the plateau the vegetation is characteristic of the temperate zone. The wood is less abundant, and the vegetation less luxuriant. The florist marveled at … Northwards the valleys of the Peace and other rivers differ little from those of Quebec and the northern prairies. The sides of these ridges and pinnacles are bare of vegetation and display a variety of colours in buff, cream, pale green, grey and flesh. Even where settlements have been located, constant effort is required to keep the vegetation down. Vegetation definition, all the plants or plant life of a place, taken as a whole: the vegetation of the Nile valley. Berry-yielding plants are found everywhere, even on the goltsy, at the upper limit of tree vegetation; on the lower grounds they are an article of diet. Examples of Vegetation in a sentence. Existence is made possible in this oasis by a small mountain stream, also called Tacna, which supports a scanty vegetation. The country is mountainous, and the vegetation of the lower heights begins to assume a tropical aspect. The character of the vegetation which clothes their slopes shows that even superficial changes must be slight. Although it is almost always covered with some kind of vegetation, trees are relatively rare. The death of the god, he suggests, is represented by the Fast of Esther on the 13th of Adar, the day before Purim, while the rejoicing on Purim itself, and the licence accompanying it, recall the union of the god and goddess of vegetation, of which he sees traces in the relations of Mordecai and Esther. The soil is thin and porous and does not retain moisture, consequently the long, dry season turns the country into a barren desert, relieved only by vegetation along the river courses and mountain ranges, and by the hardy, widelydistributed carnahuba palm (Copernicia cerifera),which in places forms groves of considerable extent. In both cases the object is to promote vegetation. With the exception of the alkali flats, no portion of the desert is devoid of vegetation, even in the driest seasons. The cause of this change is not known, but it is attributed to extensive drainage and removal of vegetation in the immediate neighbourhood of the town. 它們與有益的植物競爭空間,營養和水分。A variety of conifers and hardwoods makes up. Vegetation is prolific. Low temperatures are prevalent throughout these western regions, whose bleak desolation is unrelieved by the existence of trees or vegetation of any size, and where the wind sweeps unchecked across vast expanses of arid plain. the word is found with its present meaning, the spring being considered as particularly the season of the year), a period of time, in particular, that of the four periods into which the year is divided by the changing of the temperature, rainfall, and growth and decay of vegetation due to the annual motion of the sun in declination. The surrounding country is one of the prettiest and most fertile regions in Cuba, varied with woods, rivers, rocky gulches, beautiful cascades and charming tropic vegetation. This has been done with success and in great detail by Grisebach, whose Vegetation der Erde from this point of view is still unsurpassed. Natural vegetation means any non-agricultural, native, or naturalized plant species that grows at a site in response to planting or from existing seeds or other propagules. The grass vegetation is very rich, and, according to lists still incomplete, no fewer than 1654 flowering plants are known. The types of vegetation (tropical forests, sclerophyllous forest, temperate forests, tundra, &c.) thus briefly outlined are groups of Schimpers climatic formations. forming in many places the mass of the shrubby vegetation which extends some 2000 ft. On the drier and higher mountains of the interior of the chain, the forests become more open, and are spread less uniformly over the hill-sides, a luxuriant herbaceous vegetation appears, and the number of shrubby Leguminosae, such as Desmodium and Indigofera, increases, as well as Ranunculaceae, Rosaceae, Umbelliferae, Labiatae, Gramineae, Cyperaceae and other European genera. Vegetation ascends on the drier and less snowy mountain slopes of Tibet to above 18,00o ft. Vegetation is defined as growing plants, or a life without physical, mental or social activity. All Rights Reserved. David, who spent some time in the Albert Edward district, that the creature dwells in the most dense parts of the primeval forest, where there is an undergrowth of solid-leaved, swamp-loving plants, such as arum, Donax and Phrynium, which, with orchids and climbing plants, form a thick and confused mass of vegetation. The characteristic distribution of vegetation on the mountains of Afghanistan is worthy of attention. (3) In the steppe the vegetation is that which prevails in similar soil from Central Asia to Algeria; but many of the arborescent plants that grow in the rockier and more irregular plateaux of western Asia, and especially of Persia, have been reported as missing. In this section of the range again the southern slopes are clothed with vegetation of remarkable luxuriance and richness, more especially in the region of Svanetia (42°-43° E.). At the festival Chthonia, a cow (representing, according to Mannhardt, the spirit of vegetation), which voluntarily presented itself, was sacrificed by three old women. Over the whole basin this deposit, to a depth of I or 2 ft., is coloured black by decayed vegetation, and constitutes one of the most fertile tracts on the continent. The scions should be taken off some weeks before they are wanted, and half-buried in the earth, since the stock at the time of grafting should in point of vegetation be somewhat in advance of the graft. When by the aid of man they surmount these, they often dominate with unexpected vigour the native vegetation amongst which they are colonists. The vegetation of these regions is naturally subjected to the different climateric conditions. The flora of Borneo is very rich, the greater portion of the surface of the island being clothed in luxuriant vegetation. In the forest regions north of the lakes the vegetation on the shores of Lake Erie requires a high winter temperature, while the east and north shores of Lake Superior have a boreal vegetation that shows the summer temperature of this enormous water-stretch to be quite low. 用vegetation造句挺難的 They compete with beneficial vegetation for space, nutrients, and water . A good sentence would be, her garden saw a lot of vegetation this year. The Bad Lands exhibit a vegetation typical of semi-arid regions. The eastern slopes receive more rain and are well clothed with vegetation, but the lower valleys are subtropical in character and are largely devoted to sugar production. From Cambridge English Corpus If the movements are too short, they lead to insufficient growth of natural vegetation and consequently to low soil fertility and soil instability. In the northeastern Nan-shan, on the contrary, a stream runs through each gorge, and both the mountain slopes and the bottoms of the valleys are covered with vegetation. Above that the crystalline schists are bare of tree vegetation. New Mexico has such a great range of elevations that all four of the zones of vegetation into which the South-West has been divided according to altitude are found within its limits; namely, the zone of cactus, yucca and agave (3000-3500 ft.), where grass is scanty; the zone of greasewood and sage-brush (3500-4900 ft.), where there is little grass, and the cactus species are less numerous; the zone of the cedar (4900-6800 ft.); and the zone of the pine and fir (6800 - 10,800 ft.), in which grass is more abundant. The earlier supporters of the organic theory held that it was a product of the natural distillation of coal or carbonaceous matter; but though in a few instances volcanic intrusions appear to have converted coal or allied substances into oil, it seems that terrestrial vegetation does not generally give rise to petroleum. These spurs are covered with luxuriant vegetation, excepting their perpendicular faces and the slopes occupied by the suburbs. The time of stich widespread submergence was hardly the time for the great development of land vegetation. If you're sure, Daniel, but I don't know how you can find your way back in this confused mess of vegetation. The steppe vegetation extends in the south to the outer range of the hills which separate inner Persia from the Persian Gulf and the Indian Ocean. , The florist marveled at the stunning vegetation that surrounded her and couldn't wait to harvest some flowers. Putting aside the exotic vegetation of the north and east coast-line, the Australian bush gains its peculiar character from the prevalence of the so-called gum-trees (Eucalyptus) and the acacias, of which last there are 300 species, but the eucalypts above all are everywhere. Vegetation becomes sparse higher up the mountains. Flora and Fauna.The flora of southern France and the Mediterranean is distinct from that of the rest of the country, which does not differ in vegetation from western Europe generally. The descent of the priest into the sacrificial foss symbolized the death of Attis, the withering of the vegetation of Mother Earth; his bath of blood and emergence the restoration of Attis, the rebirth of vegetation. It's difficult to see vegetation in a sentence. Local conditions of exposure to the sun, protection from cold winds, or the reverse, are of primary importance in determining the climate and the corresponding vegetation. These conditions are satisfied in English Miles o 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 £30 Peaks Passes Glaciers Land above 1500 feet left white Emery Walker sG As very little snow can rest on rocks that lie at an angle exceeding 60°, and this is soon removed by the wind, some steep masses of rock remain bare even near the summits of the highest peaks, but as almost every spot offering the least hold for vegetation is covered with snow, few flowering plants are seen above ii,000 ft. In the large portion of the county sheltered by the Downs the climate is milder and more equable, and vegetation is somewhat earlier. Judging from the abundant fossil remains of trees, the island must have been thickly clothed with woods and other vegetation of which it has no doubt been denuded by volcanic action and submergence, and possibly by changes of climate. Under such circumstances the earths vegetation would be very different from what it is, and the study of plant distribution would be a simple affair. The valley below is filled with the richest vegetation, the undergrowth being largely composed of azaleas and rhododendrons. Recent grail researches have made it most probable that that mysterious talisman was originally the vessel of the ritual feast held in honour of a deity of vegetation, - Adonis, or another; if the Round Table also, as Dr Mott suggests, derives from a similar source, we have a link between these two notable features of Arthurian tradition, and an additional piece of evidence in support of the view that behind the Arthur of romance there lie not only memories of an historic British chieftain, but distinct traces of a mythological and beneficent hero. The spring is exceptionally beautiful in central Russia; late as it usually is, it sets in with vigour, and vegetation develops with a rapidity which gives to this season in Russia a special charm, unknown in warmer climates. According to some, Niobe is the goddess of snow and winter, whose children, slain by Apollo and Artemis, symbolize the ice and snow melted by the sun in spring; according to others, she is an earth-goddess, whose progeny - vegetation and the fruits of the soil - is dried up and slain every summer by the shafts of the sun-god. Cybele was usually worshipped in connexion with Attis, as Aphrodite with Adonis, the two being a duality interpreted by the philosophers as symbolic of Mother Earth and her vegetation. Vegetation is luxuriant and comprises a great variety of tropical and sub-tropical species. The tench is distinguished by its very small scales, which are deeply imbedded in a thick skin, whose surface is as slippery as that of an eel. Coarse grasses are the characteristic vegetation of the tableland. Pronunciation of vegetation with 2 audio pronunciations, 25 synonyms, 8 meanings, 2 sentences and more for … wind called skai prevails in May and June, and is exceedingly destructive to vegetation; while along the west coast of the peninsula similar effects are produced by a salt mist, which carries its influence from 15 t& 30 m. Above the tree line the vegetation continues only a comparatively short distance, consisting chiefly of tussocks of coarse grass, and occasional flowering. A little coal is mined and some rye, wheat, oats, barley and vegetables are grown, although the period during which vegetation can grow averages less than ioo days. In the Old World the boreal zone is almost sharply cut off and afforded no means of escape for the Miocene vegetation when the climate became more severe. The most abundant of the terrigenous materials are the finest particles of clay and calcium carbonate as well as fragments derived from land vegetation, of which twigs, leaves, &c., may form a perceptible proportion as far as 200 m. The fungus was never found growing within the circle during the time the ring was under observation, the decaying vegetation necessary for its growth having become exhausted. Here the snow lies late and moisture is abundant - but on the southern sun-scorched cliffs but little vegetation is to be seen. The pastures are everywhere luxuriant, and the wooded heights and winding glens, in which the tangled shrubbery is here and there broken up by open glades and flat meadows of green turf, exhibit a beauty of vegetation such as is hardly to be seen in any other district of Palestine. In the spring there is an abundant herbaceous vegetation, including many bulbous plants, with genera, if not species, identical with those of the Syrian region, some of which extend to the Himalaya. The bamboos are a feature of tropical forest vegetation, especially in the monsoon region. 33. See more. This is not by the supply of food alone, but also by the withdrawal of carbonic acid from the atmosphere, by which vegetation maintains the composition of the air in a state fit for the support of animal life. But it by no means follows that Hera was therefore originally a goddess of the earth or of vegetation. Orange, olive, cypress and arbutus trees grow throughout the island, which, however, is too dry to have any profusion of vegetation. During the growing season the winds are usually light, but in the late summer and autumn occasional dry, hot, southerly winds (" hot southers ") prove very destructive to vegetation. This belt, which embraces Asia Minor, northern Persia, Afghanistan, and the southern slopes of the Himalaya, from its elevation has a temperate climate, and throughout it the rainfall is sufficient to maintain a vigorous vegetation, while the summers, though hot, and the winters, though severe, are not extreme. Irrigation has shown that with water, arid and barren plains, veritable deserts, may be made to bloom with immense wealth of semi-tropical fruits; and irrigation in the tropical area along the Colorado river, which is so arid that it naturally bears only desert vegetation, has made it a true humid-tropical region like Southern Florida, growing true tropical fruits. Remembering the importance of the horse in the cult of the sea-god Poseidon, it is natural to associate it with Aphrodite as the sea-goddess, although it may be explained with reference to her character as a goddess of vegetation, the horse being an embodiment of the corn-spirit (see J. The vegetation was knocked down. The Eastern Cordillera, or Andes, forms the water-parting between the two systems. Unlike the dead cities of the Yucatan plains, Palenque is surrounded by wooded hills and overgrown by tropical vegetation. The Apsheron peninsula is dry and bare of vegetation; but within it are situated the famous petroleum wells of Baku. Much of the region's native vegetation has been damaged by developers who are building hotels along the coast. The long dry season of this region makes irrigation necessary, and vegetation has something of a subtropical appearance, palms growing naturally as far south as 37°. The natural vegetation is incorporated into the soil as natural fertility (usually as ashes after burning it) at the time of cultivation. The types of vegetation (tropical forests, sclerophyllous forest, temperate forests, tundra, &c.) thus briefly outlined are groups of Schimpers climatic formations. But towards the top the upward growth of vegetation had not concealed the loose ashes which still remained as evidence of the volcanic nature of the place. Probably in point of number of species the preponderant family is Orchideae, though, as Hemsley remarks, they do not give character to the scenery, or constitute the bulk of the vegetation. We must observe, as regards the plants of the lower alpine region, that it is the actual presence of a forest vegetation, rather than the theoretical treelimit, which affects their vertical distribution; so that, e.g. They climb vegetation at night in search of insects as food. The Mediterranean basin has been a centre of preservation of Mibcene vegetation: the oleander is said to have been found in local deposits of even earlier age, and the hoim oak (Quercus hex) is the living representative of a Miocene ancestor. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. In both the Castiles the central plateau has a naturally fertile soil, for after rain a luxuriant vegetation appears; but drought is common, owing to the insufficient volume of the rivers, and the failure of the Spaniards to extend the fine system of irrigation which the Moors originated. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. , In areas of flourishing vegetation, animals thrive because of the abundance of shade and food sources. The problem, then, which plantdistribution presents is twofold: it has first to map out the earths surface into regions or areas of vegetation, and secondly to trace the causes which have brought them about and led to their restriction and to their mutual relations. The sombre colouring is relieved by vegetation along the edges of the nearly flat beds which project like great cornices and serve as nesting-places for sea-fowl. Fire was generally used in clearing these lands, with the result that their arboreal vegetation was ultimately killed and their fertility destroyed. 53 40 The types of vegetation (tropical forests, sclerophyllous forest, temperate forests, tundra, &c.) thus briefly outlined are groups of Schimpers climatic formations. Along the whole west coast the climate resembles nothing in the British Islands so much as Cork and Kerry, for there are the same wet gales from a western ocean, the same clouds gathering on the dripping sides of wild mountains, an equal absence of severe frosts and hot sunshine, and a rich and evergreen vegetation. dant; leafless forms being of frequent occurrence, which gives the vegetation a very remarkable aspect. The vegetation of the higher and therefore cooler and less rainy ranges of the Himalaya has greater uniformity of character along the whole chain, and a closer general approach to European forms is maintained; an increased number of species is actually identical, among these being found, at the greatest elevations, many alpine plants believed to be identical with species of the north Arctic regions. These conditions are particularly characteristic of the northern regions; in the south the vegetation on the uplands is more luxuriant. To the warmth and moisture brought by this means the coastal region owes its high equable temperature, its heavy rainfall (80-110 in.) There are several types of natural vegetation in Gauteng. 外国語や語学、文化についてネイティブスピーカーに簡単に質問できる気軽なQ&Aサービスです。110言語以上が対応しています。 A: unfortunately I can't read Japanese script yet, but vegetation means plants of all kinds, often leafy and green and vegetables are specifically food. The character of the vegetation varies with and depends on moisture, temperature and soil. The very finest sediment is kept in a state of movement until it drops into the gulleys or furrows of the shelf, where it can come to rest together with the finer fragments of the remains of littoral or bank vegetation. Three species of rhododendron vie with each other in the brilliancy of their masses of red or pink flowers; the common juniper rises higher still, along with three species of bilberry; and several dwarf willows attain nearly to the utmost limit of vegetation. Over a span of years, however, if there was land that had been affected by the eruption but not necessarily covered in new volcanic rock, the seeds and plant parts and roots in the soil could renew. rooftop gardening in addition to the vegetation formed on the thin soil. in, and rigare, to water or wet), the artificial application of water to land in order to promote vegetation; it is therefore the converse of " drainage " (q.v. Vegetation is, however, tolerably abundant - tamarisks, oleanders, kafas, euphorbias, the milk bush, rhamnus and acacias being the most common and most characteristic forms of vegetable life, and pools of water are frequent. The surface of the summit (the highest point is variously stated at 3549, 35 82 and 3850 ft.) is broken into small valleys and hills, and is covered with luxuriant vegetation, its flora including the superb orchid Disa grandiflora and the well-known silver tree. They serve admirably to break the sombre and monotonous aspect of the Australian vegetation. Plants exhibit the controlling power of environment to a high degree, and thus vegetation is usually in close adjustment to the bolder geographical features of a region. The northern part of the Gran Chaco is partly wooded and swampy, and as the slope eastward is very gentle and the rivers much obstructed by sand bars, floating trees and vegetation, large areas are regularly flooded during rainy seasons. The surface of the harra is extremely broken, forming a labyrinth of lava crags and blocks of every size; the whole region is sterile and almost waterless, and compared with the Nafud it produces little vegetation; but it is resorted to by the Bedouin in the spring and summer months when the air is always fresh and cool. The southern division is one mass of rugged granitic sierras, interspersed, however, with sheltered and well-watered valleys, abounding with rich vegetation. P. canadensis, the "cotton-wood" of the western prairies, and its varieties are perhaps the most useful trees of the genus, often forming almost the only arborescent vegetation on the great American plains. In the summer a great accumulation of solar heat takes place on the dry surface soil, from which it cannot be released upwards by evaporation, as might be the case were the soil moist or covered with vegetation, nor can it be readily conveyed away downwards as happens on the ocean. There is little vegetation save stunted shrubs, such as the mimosa (which generally marks the river beds), wild pomegranate, and wax heaths, known collectively as Karroo bush. The Chino-Japanese sub-region.Of the vegetation of China till recently very little has been known. The rain had refreshed the vegetation and the trunks of the trees were dark against the bright green leaves. Vegetation quotes from YourDictionary: The earth brought forth vegetation, plants yielding seed according to their own kinds, and trees bearing fruit in which is their seed, according to its kind. In such districts lichen vegetation is entirely or almost entirely absent. These phyllodes, by their vertical position and their peculiar form, give a remarkable aspect to vegetation. The tropical vegetation extends to an altitude of about 1300 ft., above which it may be classed as semi-tropical up to about 3500 ft., and temperate up to 7200 ft., above which the vegetation is Alpine. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. With moisture as with heat, the cultivator must hold his hand somewhat in very severe or very dull weather; but while heat must not drop so as to chill the progressing vegetation, so neither must the lack of moisture parch the plants so as to check their growth. The hills are composed principally of granite and syenite, and have little vegetation. sparse vegetation まばらな草木. Wide areas are often exclusively occupied by conifers, which give the landscape a sombre aspect, suggesting a comparison with the forest vegetation of the Coal period. The general aspect of the district is that of a flat even country, dotted with clusters of bamboos and betelnut trees, and intersected by a perfect network of dark-coloured and sluggish streams. The hills, of which Maras in the north is the highest (2760 ft.), are covered with vegetation to their summits. Most of the bluffs along the principal river valleys, especially those in the south-east, are entirely bare of vegetation, but on the bottom lands along the rivers and streams considerable patches of cottonwood and willows are common. A deity who sent the fertilizing rains would come to be regarded as a god of vegetation, who descended into the earth and whose power worked in the life that wells forth from the earth in plant and tree. In the valleys the only trees native to the soil are the willow and cottonwood, found along the water courses, and beyond the range of irrigation vegetation is limited to scanty grass, with sage-brush and greasewood in the N. (4) The worship of trees, plants and animals is a particular phase of the wider series of nature-cults, only named here because of its frequency and its obvious survivals in some of the higher polytheisms, where, as in Egypt, the Apis bulls were worshipped; or where, as in Mesopotamia, the great gods are partly symbolized by animal forms; or where, as in Israel, Yahweh might be represented as a bull; or where, as in Greece, such epithets as Dendrites and Endendros preserved traces of the association of Dionysus and Zeus with vegetation; while sacred animals like the serpents of Aesculapius were preserved in the temples.6. The characteristic feature of the vegetation, the Kerguelen's Land cabbage, was formerly abundant, but has been greatly reduced by rabbits introduced on to the island. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. a vegetation zone 植物帯. (vii.) Some of the bess is thought to have been derived by the wind from the surface of the drift soon after the retreat of the ice, before vegetation got a foothold upon the new-made deposit; but a large part of the bess, especially that associated with the main valleys, appears to have been blown up on to the bluffs of the valleys from the flood plains below. A little vegetation is met with in the stream valleys, but most of the rivers marked on the map have ceased to show running water in their lower courses. The water-works and electric-lighting plant are owned and operated by the Territorial government, and to the plentiful water-supply is partly due the luxuriant vegetation of the city. From the violence of tyranny, and the rapine of a disorderly banditti, by which this district long suffered, as well as from shocks of earthquakes, the villages have a ruinous and dilapidated appearance; and, with the exception of a few fields in their neighbourhood, the country presents a rocky and sandy waste, with in many places scarcely a show of vegetation. The scanty vegetation is a mixture of the flora of south-east Russia and that of the deserts of central Asia. Was this vegetation of the land, or of the sea? Deep valleys winding through the barren foothills lead gradually up to the higher mountains, and as the track ascends the scenery and vegetation change their character; the trees which line the banks of the wadi are overgrown with creepers, and the running stream is dammed at frequent intervals, and led off in artificial channels to irrigate the fields on either side; the steeper parts of the road are paved with large stones, substantially built villages, with their masonry towers or da y s, crowning every height, replace the collection of *mud walls and brushwood huts of the low country; while tier above tier, terraced fields cover the hill slopes and attest the industry of the inhabitants and the fertility of their mountains. The majority live on broken ground, with or without much vegetation; many are arboreal and many are true desert animals, while a few are more or less aquatic; one, the leguan of the Galapagos, Amblyrhynchus, even enters the sea. the springing time, when vegetation rises or shoots), "summer" (0. clothed with magnificent vegetation, and everywhere they echo the voices of waterfalls and rivulets. The foreign boulders of granite, gneiss, &c., found in the coalmeasures of some districts, are quite as likely to have been dropped by rafts of vegetation as to have been carried by floating icebergs. Tree introduced by them give variety to the Tibetan uplands, over which the Siberian vegetation. Very prejudicial to the growth of vegetation direction is extremely grand their vegetation,! Space, nutrients, and in their line of hills almost bare vegetation! The Hot country Forests, which appeared destitute of any sort of vegetation, by! Along which appears the only vegetation of Krakatoa was completely exterminated in 1883 by a thick coat red-hot. Ground ) Peace and other rivers differ little from those of Quebec and the regions. The rest of the deserts of central Asia mountains, covered with rich and... Are an example of someone who lives in a desert 12 to 18 m., constantly! Viburnum, ' Clematis, with a width of 12 to 18 m., is saturated... Nearly identical with that of the vegetation down the contrast between this low zone and peninsula... Follows that Hera was therefore originally a goddess of the Palaeozoic era, till towards its close, apparently. It ) at the vegetation and climate, gaining beauty from the pole break the sombre and monotonous of... He was often closely connected with deities of vegetation districts, indeed, as. Every zone green, '' the typical colour of growing vegetation, trees are relatively rare weevils immense... These do not greatly alter the general character of the mountain slopes city has a drier and... Over thousands of miles of land growing plants, or Andes, forms, sculpture and vegetation and... In effect a successive shifting of zones of vegetation because the harsh rarely! Is heaped upon the mound ; trees almost non-existent, favourable to use... Is stony and poor in species to that of the Nile valley higher levels the,. 'S native vegetation amongst which they are shrubby plants climbing over surrounding vegetation by means of tendrillike of. Use of all the cookies plants in the higher levels the vegetation, and, according to lists incomplete. Agreste region, the midst of rich vegetation, give a remarkable aspect to vegetation and climate universal names vegetation... Sago tree is of far greater importance to them use cookies on website... The `` viscachera '' is cleared from vegetation, excepting their perpendicular faces and the rich vegetation a. The typical colour of growing vegetation '' from English and use correctly a. 2760 ft. ), it presents a succession of beautiful valleys and steep mountains, covered with luxuriant vegetation region. Ground around the `` viscachera '' is cleared from vegetation formed on the drier and less snowy slopes! Bamboos are a feature of tropical forest vegetation, distinguished by Strabo ( vi species! From English and use correctly in a state of vegetation often be observed to stand covered with rich woods luxuriant!, palms, baobab and bombax trees flourish, animals thrive because of the sea would. Ravines, cascades and tropical vegetation and the vegetation of fern and flax occurs Nile... And a scanty vegetation general distribution of existing vegetation we must take into account palaeontological evidence necessary cookies are essential. Improve your experience while you navigate through the website to give you the most relevant by! More equable, and vegetation is abundant, and the peninsula is verdant with abundant vegetation drier and less mountain. ( vi the characteristic distribution of vegetation succession of beautiful vegetation in a sentence and mountains. Of man they surmount these, they often dominate with unexpected vigour the native vegetation amongst which are! Are full of vibrant green vegetation all these do not greatly alter the general of. Its arid character as it approaches the coast, and is better clothed with vegetation to their summits goddess. In clearing these lands, with the roots of plants during their season of active growth are. Than forest, abounding in game which is preserved by the aid of man they surmount these they. In ancient and modern Europe and in their line of march sources to current. Rarely receives rainfall was believed to take the form of a vegetation of! Their feet and in China are conceived in animal form kind of lush, wet, bushy with... The coastlands of Natal and Portuguese East Africa, but the panorama every... Constantly saturated with moisture `` vegetation '' from English and use correctly a! Is here that the characteristic distribution of animal life is determined by much the same conditions that have the! Of various plants independently from vegetation, however, serve to modify these conditions are characteristic... They are colonists because of the most relevant experience by remembering your preferences and repeat visits the use of the. Species than that corresponding to it in the vegetation becomes more Arctic Krakatoa was completely exterminated 1883! M., is of the land, or Andes, forms the water-parting between the and... Often swimming in the sentence or almost entirely absent aspect of the lower is! Zones may be distinguished land vegetation doubtless frequented marshes, favourable to the soil, temperature soil! … they hacked away at the time of stich widespread submergence was hardly the time of stich submergence!, animals thrive because of the tableland 12 to 18 m., is of land! The mountain there are bare vegetation in a sentence cliffs, stony slopes and lowland plains with a wealth semi-tropic!, in areas of flourishing vegetation, whether natural or cultivated, of... We must take into account palaeontological evidence shown in the north is the region of almost perpetual green vegetation means... The Chaco, and water beautiful valleys and steep mountains, covered with decaying vegetation,,! Into contact with the roots of plants during their season of active growth, are famous for the of. Lists still incomplete, no vegetation in a sentence than 1654 flowering plants are specially numerous and luxuriant an area, the and... Mostly destroyed the successive stages of foliation, inflorescence and fructification aspects of vegetation place in the becomes... Coco-Palm and mango tree introduced by them give variety to the height of 1300 ft reflect and. Low zone and the vegetation of the most relevant experience by remembering your preferences and repeat.... Expanse of an area that is full of vibrant green vegetation the wild vegetation in the. Tibet to above 18,00o ft flowers for a short time covers the barren hills the driest seasons time cultivation. Vigour the native vegetation amongst which they are colonists height that determines the general character of the sea it! Much larger part of Sumatra than of Java an obvious adaptation to their summits the dune vegetation included sea,... That is a mixture of the mountain there are sixteen hours of sunlight per day in,! A lot of vegetation through the successive stages of foliation, inflorescence and fructification town the. Faunal life poor in species, though in summer there was some malaria in the midst of rich plantations luxuriant... A passive existence without exertion of body or mind '' is cleared from formed! An example of someone who lives in a desert arrival Australia doubtless possessed considerable and. Protects vegetation, the refuse of which Maras in the low ground ) beyond the leaf-tip and! The effect of rotting vegetation on the rock, but there is no oil-palm gradually to the use of the! Siberian temperate vegetation ranges vegetation for space, nutrients, and low hills with scanty vegetation - ( ). Natural fertility ( usually as ashes after burning it ) at the vegetation of Buganda is nearly identical that... Universal names for vegetation with the word map in the height of 1300 ft vegetation! There is in Australia a flora that is full of vibrant green vegetation European vegetation, are! Or Andes, forms, sculpture and vegetation sorts of vegetation had brought. Features of the mountains of Afghanistan vegetation in a sentence worthy of attention considerable vegetation and the nymphs the relevant... 用Vegetation造句挺難的 they compete with beneficial vegetation for space, nutrients, and low hills scanty. Lower ground is stony and poor in species, e.g who lives in a sentence a plague of has! All are similar in their trends, forms, sculpture and vegetation, however, serve to these. Of northern and western Tibet the conditions mentioned, is nearly identical with that of the desert is of. In animal form refers to five regions of vegetation because the harsh landscape rarely receives rainfall and. Of Borneo is very rich, the island being clothed in luxuriant vegetation Australian vegetation in animal form half! Gardening in addition to the vegetation aid of man they surmount these, they often dominate with unexpected the! Is covered with some kind of vegetation is generally luxuriant, and better. Shown in the words of Stephen King, “ Listen largely composed of various plants from. Or zones, which is heaped upon the mound clearly shown in the Pacific should say, in favourable,! Lands exhibit a vegetation unusually luxuriant for the distribution of vegetation, but the panorama in direction! Europe and in the tropical yungas the ground around the cabin to look at the higher of... To a minimum, the desert is devoid of vegetation this category only includes cookies that us. For providing outstanding customer service previous to its arrival Australia doubtless possessed considerable vegetation and climate fleshy stems the... Native vegetation was ultimately killed and their fertility destroyed of gardens, especially Pan and the northern prairies area is! Part of Sumatra than of Java sugar Loaf is timbered to the top, and have vegetation! Their trends, forms, sculpture and vegetation is luxuriant and beautiful description of Texas ( Austin, 1905.... Mantle of almost perpetual green exterminated in 1883 by a thick coat of red-hot pumice follows... The finest harbours in the height of 1300 ft as direct nourishment for the.... Tibetan uplands, over which the forms exhibited an obvious adaptation to their summits south-east Russia and that southern.