TRP's G-Spec E-MTB brakes deliver decent power without a hint of fade, making them suitable for hard and heavy riders of a motor-assisted or normal persuasion that have issues cooking standard stoppers, but the lever design is clunky and they feel wooden at best. So which is best? As the name suggests, Guide RE was introduced as a stopgap for e-bikes while the second generation SRAM Code was being developed. Disc Brake. No matter how good the levers, or how large the pistons, all the braking forces are transferred by the brake pads onto the discs. This is a non issue with disc brakes, and disc rotors are easier to straighten than wheels. Reach and bite point are tuneable and the blade uses cartridge bearings for a really smooth feel. Each brake was subjected to the same torturous protocol using the manufacturer’s own 180 mm rotor. Best Full Suspension Mountain Bike For Heavy Riders. Rambo R750 G4. If brilliant back up is what you’re after then nobody beats Hope, who has a van at practically every UK event and will bend over backwards to help if you have an issue. An oversized reservoir means it can handle even the most intensive e-bike descent without cooking and it’s a positive joy to bleed if you ever need to. Long delivery times, limited availability and higher prices for 2021. Whether the few grams saved on the carbon lever of the RSC is worth having is a moot point but they do feel warmer on fingers in winter and the cartridge bearing upgrade you get on the RSC gives a silky smooth, wobble-free feel. Best mountain bike disc brakes for 2020. Lever feel is consistent and progressive enough to translate into decent traction and they’re far more arm-friendly than other budget brakes. The mix of hard hydraulic bite but flexy lever feel from the plastic construction won’t suit everyone though and we’ve always had variable reliability from test sets. Pricey but powerful and communicative ‘comeback’ brake, Weight: 489g (front brake with 180mm rotor and mount) | Lever: Aluminum. Apart … Ideally it would be with several different sets of wheels to rule out one bad set that was causing the problems. The DV9 carries a high quality heavy-duty fork that can stand up to big hits. Just make sure your frame and forks are big disc compatible too. The best mountain bike saddles. It gave many riders the confidence to ride as they wanted due to the brakes being very responsive. The rebadged SLX lever means reach adjust is tooled not dialled, but still gets Servo Wave power assistance and dodges ‘Free Stroke’ issues found on other brakes. The SRAM Code R is a total bargain, but we would save up a little more for the sublime Swing Link Lever of the SRAM Code RSC. aircraft records take particular note of hard landings) A lot of older bikes have shorter reach. Fox 32 Factory Float. SRAM’s already impressive Level family has recently been through a hardcore diet regime to make it even lighter and actually boost control with a stiffer caliper. Low to mid-end suspension forks are often a pain point for larger riders, as they tend to flex and perform poorly under heavier loads. Over 4 months our test team fitted brakes to their eMTB’s using 200/200 mm rotors. That means Deore has a significantly better feel than anything cheaper, flawless lever pull consistency (not a Shimano strongpoint recently) and relentless reliability. If you like the ride of the road bike, but you still need to get it out in the dirt then the Haanjo 3 is a great option for you. Disc Brake. The Guide lever delivers handy ‘Matchmaker’ syncing with SRAM shifters and remotes. For eMTBs the Magura MT7 and Shimano Saint models are impossible to beat for reliable and efficient power and the new HC lever of the MT7 nudges it ahead to win the Best In Test. RockShox Recon Silver TK Fork 26″ Rim, Disc Brake. Mineral Oil and DOT fluid have similar boiling points: DOT can absorb moisture from the environment and lose performance, while this is rare in a sealed brake DOT is toxic and corrosive, damaging your bikes paintwork if spilled and harmful to the environment and your skin. Love/hate brake feel but undoubted max power bargain, Weight: 463g (front brake with 180mm rotor and mount) | Lever: Aluminum. Loose surfaces, weather conditions and endless lines make direct comparison impossible. Wheelsets for Heavy Riders Heavy road bike riders shouldn’t be so hard on themselves. If you’re after the ultimate in fingertip speed control, however hot or rough the ride gets, then SRAM’s Code RS wins every time. In order, here are our favourite mountain bike cranks. The Beiou Carbon Fiber mountain bike can support riders which are big and heavy up to 330 pounds. You don’t get an external knob to adjust reach (just use an Allen key), there’s no largely ineffective ‘Free Stroke’ adjustment, the pads are held in with a split pin, not a screw peg and they don’t have heat-shedding 'Stegosaurus' fins. With just two cylinders and no power boost linkage, outright power is unsurprisingly down on big four-pot DH brakes but within a slightly firmer squeeze of most four-pot trail brakes. Lack of ‘Swing Link’ leverage change means delivery of its hefty power is dramatic so be careful while bedding it in. Weight: 492g (front brake with 180mm rotor and mount) | Lever: Aluminum. Swing Link leverage change, bite point adjustment that actually works, easy reach adjustment and sweet syncing with SRAM remotes and shifters and the bar end of the RSC is brilliant. *per brake (exept Magura´s MT Trail which have different calipers for front and rear and thereforeonly come as a set **front + rear, w/o rotors. For those who love smooth modulation, then the TRP Quadiem and Hope offer the most linear deceleration, but both felt a little underpowered when riding in steep terrain. More than 250 pages of extensive buyers advice, tons of eMTB know-how as well as reviews of the 35 most exciting eMTBs and the 7 best motors. RockShox Monarch RT3 Rear Shock; Rockshox Monarch Plus RC3 DB Rear Shock; Marzocchi Bomber CR Rear Shock; Cane Creek Double Barrel Air IL Learn more, The best mountain bike brakes combine consistent lever feel with reliability and power. At ROL Wheels, we think more in terms of “big and powerful,” or “clydesdale riders.” We understand choosing a wheel is a long process, and along the way there are reams of opinions in forum posts about the best … They literally put more braking power at your fingertips than most would consider safe.With a set of Saints on your bike, you can slap on a massive amount of braking force, regardless of where or what you are riding. 100% free! This, paired with the heat reducing full ceramic pistons in the caliper, … Nonetheless, demonstrating that you can teach an old dog new tricks, he continues to hold his own against the wild and fearless youth. While the design has changed a few times over the years they’ve all been utterly, ridiculously reliable. You will notice a significant improvement in feel if you can spend the extra to get a set of Shimano’s evergreen Deore M615 brakes. Trevor loves adventure. E-MOUNTAINBIKE Magazine is published in a digital app format in both English and German. If the Alps or at least the local DH trails/bike park are a regular riding destination, then power and top to bottom control obviously trump weight saving.